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    trying too



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    trying too

    Post  Yushri on Sat Sep 06, 2014 3:16 pm

    there we go, complete different way of reading here then it works in Belgium so i hope i do it well...

    I see a fatter then normal man. I see the year 1962, i don't know why.
    I hear him calling, Sam, Sammy...Grandfather of someone?

    I see him 'licking' stamps on lettres and also see him perticular closing the back side of enveloppes(lettres). He made sure there where closed so nobody could look in. Or was it his professional activity? Working by post?

    I feel him with a lot of head pain. brain haemorrhage? A very 'heavy' head. He also had his 'mussles' with pain and i see him using medication.

    He made himself things go 'easy', was a very nice man. What you see is what you get could have been he's slogan.
    Didn't like to much luxe. Had more a regular/simple way of living his life.

    He was correct in paying his bills and was daily busy with managing money matters to make sure things where correctly payed.

    He enjoyed meals. I see him eating chicken, the most simple things he enjoyed. 

    I see an old watch on the how does it called? The place in the living room where people puts foto's...Brown from color.

    He hated coming late and made sure he was in time when he had to be somewhere.

    He loved watching to children. I also here the name Peter now.

    He had a big heart but people he didn't know, he didn't let them 'in' before knowing them first. A little 'reserved' type. But to his loved ones, he should have given them everything he had.

    He had also a great sence of humor, laughed out loud.

    Did he go fishing every sunday morning? There was something he did sunday morning and then i see him fishing...

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    Re: trying too

    Post  SpiritVoices on Sat Sep 06, 2014 3:25 pm

    Not for me but hope someone takes it...a wonderful message.... :love:

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