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    Post  Null void on Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:11 pm

    Hi folks, i am new to this forum. I actually became member of this forum to give these channeled messages. So here is my story.
           I am from  russia so english is not my strong language so forgive me for bad grammer. I am currently staying in srilanka due to my family business. I was not a spiritual type of person but i was curious about eastern religions and their ways. So i started to read from internet on how to do meditation, contact spirit, channeling etc. after some time i tried to contact spirits during meditation but i failed obviously.   but at the age of 14 i started to hear voices in my head. At begining i was so scared just by hearing these voices. My parents took me to the psychiatrists for treatments but the voices keep getting strong. At first these voices were like unclear whisperings, nothing was making sense at that time. Then i started to feel someone standing right beside me constantly. I cant see someone but i knew there was always something lurking. After few months one night i woke up by a sudden jerk. As i woke up my mind was trembled by the voice, it was clear now but by just hearing it my whole body shuddered. Its like turning on a vibrator in your body. 
    The first words were " hear me". I was so scared to hear something like that. The presence of someone invisible was suddenly stong at that time. The voice keep saying that many times. Each time it was sounding more impatient than before. After i muster  some courage i tried spoke to whoever tried to speak me, i cried out " who are you"(strangely that voice was speaking in russian and english randomly) no response!!!. All voices stopped, so i thought maybe it stopped on its own but just after few seconds i star to hear again the same voices. Now the voice  spoke " you finally heard me, xxxxxx(my name)", the conversation after that is below(all is in russian, and i recreated it since i dont remember it now, it is not accurate, and mostly made up)

    Me- who are you? What do you want?
    Voice- who am i? Why do i tell you?and to tell you what i want is...worthless.
    Me- leave me alone, you (curses).
    Voice- you shouldnt used that language, i am not your slave (curses).
    Me- stop speaking to me, get out!!!
    Voice- never, i will never leave you. You are the only one who can converse with me.
    Me- get out now, go talk with someone else.
    Voice- you dont order me, how dare you order me!!
    Me- you are a ghost, get out. 
    Voice- thats true, i am a ghost.
    Me- then leave me, dont speak to me.
    (I felt a pressure on my chest, it was like someone put a hand on it)
    Me-dont touch me(curses)
    Voice-listen fool, i am attached to you, you called me.
    Me- i never called anyone, you (curses).
    Voice- (curses) i am asking you to not use that language or i will kill you
    Me- you cant kill me, or you would have already done it.
    Voice - thats not true, i can kill you but i prefer not. You called me when you did that foolish thing what do you call it meditation. You were so (curses) to call spirits in this way. See what you have done, you called me. Now i cant leave you, i want to ensure my salvation. I need you.
    Me- what do you mean, when i did meditation i called you?
    Voice- yes, you concentrated on calling out spirits but you were not specific. As for me i picked your call.
    Me- then why cant you leave?
    Voice- i can leave you if i want but then it will be like wasting a beautiful opportunity.
    Me- if you can leave then leave now, go find someone else.
    Voice- you are ordering me again, it not that easy, people call out to spirits, sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail. The connection between the spirit and the caller is severed when the caller end his process. But as for you it didnt since you didnt know anything about it.
    Me- but what do you want with me? 
    Voice- nothing physically.
    Me- then why do you want to attach with me?
    Voice- because i want to move on from this world but there is no one who can do that for me. You will be the tool for me to ensure i will go to the next phase.
    Me- tool!!! You dare use me, i will throw you out myself no matter what i have to do.
    Voice- sad, very sad. You will throw me out.(laugh) thats just laughable. To throw a spirit out of someone body or house requires an above average power. There is no one in 100 mile radius can do that. Hold.... There is no one in this whole country could do that.
    Me- you are lying. There are churches here in my area.i will go to priest and with their help i will make you leave.
    Voice- when i told you there is no one strong enough to do that i meant true.
    The priest in (describing name of church)  cant do it since he dont know how to remove ghost from his own house. Yes he has a spirit in his house. And he is searching for how to get rid of it. You should know there is no one here will help you except me.
    Me- what nonsense you are not here to help me. You want something else. You are descieving me.
    Voice - i want something else. But i can help you if you want. Depth of My wisdom is too deep. No one can reach that kind of wisdom in his whole life. I am ready to give it to you on one condition. Just accept me in your mind and soul as your teacher and everything will be fine.
    Me- i dont believe you. You are tricking me into giving my minds control to you. I have saw films where ghost possess the people.
    Voice- possession is not my style. Have you not heard of ear ghosts. If you have not then find it. I dont posseess someone. It is not a descent way to get what you wanted. I am not tricking you, nor i want your body. My offer was to give you my wisdom in turn you giving me a teachers license. So simple...maybe not.
    Me- why do you want my permission to do that. You can talk with me anyway and there is no stopping you.
    Voice- planting what i want to say to you costs more energy. I am not very keen on wasting it. If you accept me as you teacher i will not force you to do anything. I will use something else to communicate with you. I will even leave you alone if you like.
    Imagine wisdom far grater than anything in this world. Ask me anything, any secrets about anything. I will tell you. 
    Me- you are bluffing, ghost dont know anything thats why they are ghost. I have read that ghost are those whose some wishes are not completed. Thats why they are stuck
    Voice- so does that change anything. I am not going anywhere. Its you who has to decide. Its either a wisdom or torment. Both are your choices.
    Me- give me some time. 
    Voice- 24 hours. Same time tomorrow.
    Me- you will not disturb me in mean time. 
    Voice- stop ordering me. I will not accept any of your commands. I gave you 24 hours. Nothing more.

    Then the voice stopped. 
    As my parents are atheist if i would have told them about this i think i might have ended up in mental asylum. So next day i visited a church to see if he really was telling truth. I met with the priest that the voice described earlier. I asked him about ghosts and gradually discussion came on the hauntings. Then priest himself told me about the hauntings in his house. So it was true what he said. When i was just leaving church i heard the voice again and i was shocked to see that he can come in church. 
    Voice- checking the claims now are you?
    Me- how can you come in church.
    Voice- why not, does church stop someone from coming here?
    Me- you are a ghost, you cant be here? 
    Voice- there is no way this church can stop me from coming here. This church contains very low energy. Very less people come here often. Thats why there is relatively low energy here. 
    Me- so that means you can come in any church and other religious places?
    Voice- yes, but where there is higher energy i cant pull off this telepathy. My powers wont work in higher energy places.

    After that no response. At night when deadline ended the ghost spoke again

    Voice- what did you decide?
    Me- since youre going to behave as a leech no matter what i do, i will accept your offer. Just one condition that you wont try to possess me.
    Voice- you dont have to worry about that. Now just accept me as your guide and everything will be allright.

    I did what he told me, i closed my eyes and thought about the voice and me giving him the position of guide. I did that for like 10 minutes but i didnt know it worked or not. After like an hour i heard the voice again but it was not in my mind it was from near my right ear. It was like someone was speaking in my ear. I was so shocked to experience something like that.

    Voice- now you know why i called myself ear ghost. We talk in the ears of our contractee. Before i was not able to make a connection with you, so i had to plant my thoughts in your mind but now when you accepted me as your teacher you gave me that connection. Now i am completely attached with you. 
    Me- you tricked me, you just wanted to torment me. You are evil.
    Voice- there is no evil. And it was a harmless deception. Now i can tell you about my real objective. We ghosts or spirits or whatever you call us are not always bound to your plane. When a person dies his soul/conciousness releases from the body. Now the soul gets to go to the different 10 planes. These are different dimensions. The souls who have not accumulated enough energy find himself stuck in last dimension which is closer to your plane. To pass the 10th plane you have to have a specific amount of energy. Fortunately when i died i did have more energy than the specified amount but i trapped here but thats a different story, or i cant tell you now...i cant decide it.
    Me- what are you? you want to release from this plane to go higher isnt it? So you want help of me, and the only way you are going to do this by sucking my energy arent you?
    Voice- you are right about sucking energy. I want your energy to free myself but let me tell you a concept.
    Me- go to hell, i am not going to let you take my energy
    Voice- stop babbling, you can not do anything about it now. But i will make it upto you by giving you the wisdom.
    Me- are you insane why i would want your (curses)wisdom. Get the (curses)out of here.

    Suddenly i felt a sharp pressure on my forearm. The skin where i felt the pressure was turned red. 

    Voice- i dont like when someone disrespect me you (curses)child. I would have break your hand if i wished. So beware of me while speaking with me. 
    Me- you manipulated me ,how can i trust you?
    Voice- you dont have an option. I lost a bunch of energy while grabbing your arm. It means i will have to suck more of your energy. Stop making me angry. 
    Me- do as you please, but dont expect me to be your slave. I will not follow your orders if thats what you want.
    Voice- i dont want to give orders. Its not my style. I am more of an angel than ghost.
    Me- you and angel, then i am god.
    Voice- maybe you are fully right this time.
    Me- what do you mean
    Voice- nothing. Do you want to know why i stucked? 

    Part 2-----------------------------------------------------

    Me- Maybe if that tell me how to get rid of you?

    Voice- then you willl be pleased to know this. It only applies to the souls who have born into a male body. Imagine a long time ago a person living in with his family dies. Now he didnt accumulate enough energy to pass on to other realms so he stays on your plane. To accumulate energy. From where he gets his energy any guesses?

    Me- from other people?

    Voice- still not entirely correct. The spirit of that man will take the energy from someone who is the elder of the family. If the dying person is a son then he will take his energy from his father. If the dying person is father then he will take the energy from his son. It only applies to the male of the family. Since females will not always be in family. 

    Me- i did not understand a thing? What kind of vampires are they? Stealing from their own son and father.

    Voice- you are a dim wit. It is so easy to understand. It is not stealing. It is the primary resposnsibilty of the elder member of the family to give their energy to make the trapped spirit pass on to other realms. 

    Me- so if my grandparent is trapped then it my dads responsibility to make them pass on.

    Voice- no, it is not your dad's responsibily. It is your uncles responsibility. Spirits of your ancestors have an active channel from your uncles body. 

    Me- but my father is elder in all siblings. My uncle is  youngest in all siblings.

    Voice- what did you think when i said elder. Spirits do not take account of age. But they take an account of birth. Only the males who are first born and last born are affected by this. Spirits compare both the first born and last born. The most promising among them is chosen to carry out as a pipeline to them.
    In your case your uncle was more promising than your father.

    Me- why the only first born and last born? Why not all of them?

    Voice- the first born child contains exceptionally high amount of energy. i will tell you about this later. So they are always the first preference. Rate of first borns getting chosen is greater than last borns. Why the last born is simple. It relates to your mother. One who gives birth to you. If i tell you this now your dim witted mind cant work a dime. 

    Me- you are insulting me.

    Voice- you think i care? The knowledge you possess is far too low. 

    Me- then you might want to elaborate me on these things?

    Voice- elaborating you is pain!!.

    Me- ghost dont feel pain.

    Voice- you will know when you will be like me. A ghost.

    Me- i am not going to end up like you.

    Voice- well think again. Your uncle will certainly fail in his task. Then he will die too. After his death his elder child will take place of him. He will fail too and death will come after him. After that your turn. Then you will be trapped in this realm just like me. 

    Me- wait!!! You said if you accumulate enough energy you can cross over to other realm then how can you be trapped in here?

    Voice- you cannot cross over if your ancestors are already there blocking your way.

    Me- what do you mean?

    Voice- imagine a tunnel where all of your ancestors are jammed in it. Now they are trapped because they didnt have enough energy. Now even if you have enough energy can you be able to pass through the big jam of your ancestors? As long as there are ancestors who are waiting to pass on, you cannot go to other realm.

    Me- thats absurd. They are souls. They were ancestors in their human form but now they were  souls. In their soul form how can they be my ancestors?

    Voice- as long as they are trapped in this plane they are more of souls with survived conciousness. That means they have not attained their true soul form. It can only be attained if they pass on. They are still your relatives even if they are dead. Do you watch horror movies? Why ghost in those movies appeared as when they were human. 

    Me- ok, so they are still my ancestors and they choose someone to give them energy but if you calculate there will be like more than thousand ancestors in our family. How can you be able to pass all of them.

    Voice- not all of your ancestors are trapped . It is a chain reaction. When one gets trapped then so do others. As the time goes by many of the trapped souls pass on accumulating energy. While others join in. And one more thing there might be more than one pipeline for those of your ancestors. Obviously it will be from a more distant branch of your main family. It is random on which branch they chose. But criteria remains the same. 

    Me- so how it affects us?

    Voice- well see how your uncle is doing..

    Me- okay i understand. 

    Note- my uncle was always in financial troubles as well as constant illness in his family. While my family was contrast. So i understood that being a pipeline means falling in hell of a trouble.

    Me- but then what i have got to do with it? You said my uncle will fail, can you see future too?

    Voice- yes and no, as far as your uncle is concerned any fool will see he is going to fail. You dont need to see future for this. Anyway he will be out of the game soon, it will come down to his eldest child. His life is going to take a twist.

    Me- what do mean by out of the game? Are you saying he is going to die?

    Voice- yes and no, future is always changing. I can see that he will die soon but if something intervened he might be saved.

    Me- so he can be saved isn't he?,tell me how to save him?

    Voice- you can't.

    Me- why? You just said that he might not die if something tries to stop it?

    Voice- yes, but i will not let you be the one who stopped it. It is for your own good.

    Me- what are you saying? Are you mad? He is my uncle i have to save him.

    Voice- tell me how can you save him from an heart attack. Do you have any means to stop it. Interfering actively with someones destiny is prohibited. You are free to give him advice on to take care of his heart problem but dont tell him about his approaching death. Nor try to stop it. 

    Me- is there is any other way, you are a ghost why cant you do something?

    Voice- thats something is out of my hands. Stop calling me ghost. I am a spirit.

    Me- (curses and curses and more curses)

    It was a painful night. I cried whole night. Knowing that my uncle will die. And i cant really stop it. I was going to just watch my uncle going far away from me.

    Next day

    Voice- good morning, sleeping beauty.

    Me- not your voice. Not the first thing in morning.

    Voice- you and i are stuck together so you should better stop complaining.

    Me- you ruined my life.

    Voice- on the contrary i will make your life wonderful (laugh)

    Me- you told me about my uncles death do you not have any common sense that you should not give that kind of info to a 14 year old boy.

    Voice- does that matter? No!!. Death cannot be escaped. It can be postponed for a limited time but escaping it is impossible. Everyone dies. Get over it. I died. I got over it.

    Me- really!!! 

    Voice - seriously??

    Me- well the  ghost who is also a philosopher can you tell me how to get rid of you?

    Voice- well to get rid of me you have to give me enough energy so i can be passed on.

    Me- so you are using me as a pipeline. But then what you said last night why cant your predescers gave you energy, why me?

    Voice- because i dont  have any predescers. My 80% of family was wiped out in last war. You know the world war. 

    Me- but then what about your remaining of  them, why you cant take anything from them? 

    Voice- the remaining ones were able to conceive the next generations but all of them were which were born were girls except two boys.  After that both of them died without giving birth. So my family line died with them. So i dont have anyone who might have gave me energy.

    Me- but what about the girls, cant they do anything for you?

    Voice- they can but they have to establish a connection with us. We cannot establish connection ourselves unless they are males.

    Me- so if they want they can give you their energy?

    Voice- yes. But they dont know about this. Nor i have any way of meaningful contact with them. All i can do is haunt them in their dreams. 

    Me- then why me, dont you find anyone besides me.

    Voice- you are  a fool, where do you think is my permanent residence?

    Me- Hell.

    Voice- well this plane is more of an hell if you think about it. My residence is in your house. This is the place where i died. Thats why when you call out to spirits i was the first one to get attached to you.

    Me- what the hell, what are you saying?

    Voice- this house was built in 1860 isnt it? Who do you think build it? It was me who built it. Fortunately for you and me i was the only one who died in this house. Others were died in different places. 

    Me- but my grandfather died in my house?

    Voice- no, he died in hospital, he was alive when those paramedics rushed him to the hospital. You didnt check your facts dim wit.

    Me- well so you mean to say  that souls peoples are trapped at the site of their death. How can this be, you were there at church.?

    Voice- thats because i can still telepath with you since i am attached to you. I lied there. I didnt enter in church. I cant leave this house and its surrounding area which is very small. But what i told you was true. Any spirit can enter a church or mosque as long as their energy is low. It is one of rule of nature, when people die if their soul doesnt have enough energy to pass on , they get trapped at where they die. They cant leave but if you have a channel connected with them you can call out to them. We do not leave this place instead our small part of consciousness visits them. 

    Me- so then why we didnt felt any presence of you?

    Voice- because you people are not sensitive to pick up our energies. And i dont wanted to show myself to your family.

    Me- then why now?

    Voice- because you try to call spirits, that means you were ready to connect with a spirit. I took the opportunity.

    Me- but then why did you wanted to be my teacher?

    Voice- because that connection was not meant  to draw energy. To actually draw energy i had to establish a link which was voluntarily established by you on basis of an emotion.

    Me- so teacher thing was just to make me establish the pipeline for you? Greedy ghost.

    Voice- yes and no. You are not capable of understanding things. So just leave as they are.

    Me- now then you just want to pass on right? But what about your ancestors?

    Voice- they were cleared by my last two boys, but i remained.

    Me- its confusing, as per you sayings what i understood that first one gets first preference, then all your ancestors have pass on so then why you remained?

    Voice- thats none of your concern. 

    Me- grumpy ghost hiding secrets now.

    Voice- shut up. I think you have a school today havent you forgot?

    Me- you are not going to follow me into school right?

    Voice- i go where ever you go. We are soulmates.(laugh)

    Surprisingly he was silent for about a week. And then he spoke again on an unlucky afternoon.

    Voice- are you gay?

    Me- (curses) , what kind of question was that?

    Voice- i dont see you hanging out with girls, you dont even watch those videos on internet. Even i though i am a spirit determining you are gay or not is hard for me.

    Me- you can see future why dont you see for yourself, and dont ask that question again.

    Voice- i dont see future for these puny things. Gay or not i dont care. But it will be better if you dont happen to be a gay, life will be difficult in coming years for them.

    Me- why do you even care?

    Voice- you wont understand now. I hold every life dear. It will come to you when you will become just like me.

    Me - forget it i am not going to end up like that. And stop whispering in my right ear. Try left one often. 

    Voice- it doesnt matter which ear i choose. You should not bothered with that. You have many things to be bothered after this.

    Me- what do you mean?

    Voice- well your uncle is going to die, after him his eldest son will be the pipeline.but   
    You have got more potential than him.

    Me- so? What do,you want me to do? Take his role? 

    Voice- exactly. You have to become that supplier.

    Me- are you crazy? Why would i wish a curse on myself? 

    Voice- it is not a curse but you have that potential to make your ancestors pass on.

    Me- you said that my ancestors will choose who will become their supplier?

    Voice- yes only if you are not willing. If you willingly accept to become the supplier then they will choose you. But every action has its consequenses. By doing this only good thing which is going to happen to you is that if you succeed then you will be able to pass to the next plane. The disadvantage is that your life will become hell, not literally but sort of. You are still too young so you will not face any financial problems but you may have to deal with illnesses.

    Me- if you have explained with good details tell me why would i make my life living hell if it was not even in my destiny?

    Voice- what did i say last time? Future can be changed. You will change your future by doing this. You might have to go through some obstacles which were not even in your destiny but the success will be worthwhile. Your life will be hell when you will not listen to me and die. You will be stuck there for atleast 500 years before your number come. Do you want this?

    Me- how can i trust you? 

    Voice- dont, you should only trust yourself. I will be the last one you should trust.

    Me- if i am correct then you are already leeching energy from me. If i made a connection with my ancestors then i will be drained.

    Voice- you didnt care about that when your uncle was a connection didnt you?

    Me- you are right. I should have.

    Voice- one more thing, i was draining energy from you and your family all along. 
    So dont worry about energy drainage by me. As far as your ancestors are concerned well if you get drained up then you will die.

    Me-  you are joking, right?

    Voice- is that joke to you? 

    Me- you are talking with a child , you know that right? You cant talk like this in front of me.

    Voice- does it matter to me. If i talk in front of you or behind your back , does that change reality?

    Me- but still..

    Voice- stop behaving like child. You cease to exist as child when i first spoke to you. Now do as i told you.

    Me- even if i did what you told me i do not have that kind of energy reserves to supply them.

    Voice- thats why i am here for, to teach you how to develop these kind of reserves. 
    You will succeed. Just do what i told you. Remember first few months will be rocky but if you do what i say you will be fine.

    Me- i need time to think on that.

    Voice- 2 minutes after that offer will be withdrawn. You will be left for 500 years of solitude.

    Me- (curse), thats cheating.

    Voice- time is running.

    Me- okay i will do it. Just dont bail out on me.

    Voice- okay then just do what you did when you establish a connection with me.
    Call out to your ancestors, it should be a feeling, feeling of love and respect.
    Call out to them and tell them you will help them.

    After doing this for one hour i got tired. I stop my attempt to establish link. The spirit told me that it was not successful, i have to try again. After wasting my 5 hours on a span 3 days he finally said that link was established.

    Voice- you wasted 5 hours just establishing the link. Incompetent fool.

    Me- you didnt told me how to exactly do that. 

    Voice- its yours to figure out. 

    Me- you promised me you will help.

    Voice- i didnt promise you anything, these simple things you have to learn.
    You were meditating for 2 years. Why were you meditating at first place since you were only 12 and your parents have nothing to do with any kind religious things.

    Me- why are you asking that, you can read my mind. there is no need to even ask me.

    Voice- i dont like to use my spirit abilities often. I like to be human without powers.

    Me- your are pathetic.

    Voice-  maybe, but i like this way. Answer my question.

    Me- well i didnt have any clue about religions and gods etc. but then i stumbled upon a religious site. I read that and my curiosity increased. So i started reading whatever i can get my hands on. I was subsequently introduced to the eastern mystiscism. There chakras, auras, crystal etc. so to see how these things work i started doing meditation. Another thing was that i felt peaceful while doing meditation. It was kind of a good feeling.

    Voice- so then how do you meditate.

    Me- well i meditate an hour a day. I certainly miss my meditation 3 or 4 times a month. I use the budhist mantra "om mani padme hum". I play it on my ipod.
    You should know this, why are you even asking?

    Voice- i know future.... You will know when you reach that point (it was this channeled message he was talking about)

    Me- okay then what do you want to tell me?

    Voice- well for starters try to meditate for 2 hours every day.

    Me- 2 hours will be hard, i dont think i have time for that.

    Voice- then make time. Well let me put it simply. You have a tank of water with a storage of 1 million litre. You only have one thousand litre in that. Per day you put 50 litres in that water. I took 5 litres of that while you ancestors now taking 20 litres 
    Of that. Your spent other 20 on your ordinary life. Remaining five are accumulated in the tank. Your objective is to fill the tank until it overflows. Now just try to imagine how much voulume of tank you have to fill in stable conditions. I didnt calculate obstacles in it, nor the mistakes you will be end up doing. When you will grown up you will end up spending water in your reserves trying to achieve things. Thus depleting it further. Your 5 litres are remaining just because you are meditating and living a peaceful life. Thats why you will meditate for 2 hours and i will not hear any complaints.

    Me- but then what about my uncle, he didnt do any meditation.

    Voice- thats the same reason he will die. He ended up spending so much water in his tank that now his body cant go on like that. The same will happen to you if you dont follow what i am saying. Your ancestors wont bestow any mercy on you, they will take their part regardless of water level in your reserve.

    Me- if i told my uncle to do meditation will that save him 

    Voice- its too late for that. Even if you told him to do that first he will not believe in you, second even if believes you he doesnt know how to meditate. Third even if you teach him how to meditate he do not have enough time learn to effectively do that to save his life or i say postpone it further. Either way he will die. You already told him to take care of his health, lets see how he does that?

    Me- you are so cold and mean.

    Voice- doesnt matter when you have seen enough deaths you will become like me.

    Me- so then how can i raise my energy level?

    Voice- same as before, meditation. Do that for one month and after that i will talk to you again.

    To be continued.......

    Other parts will be posted shortly. Do give your views.

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    Re: Message from unknown

    Post  SpiritVoices on Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:52 pm

    Take my advice,Null Voice and tell the spirit to leave....immediately!!!!

    Not good at all......


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    I forgot to mention that the spirit has passed on. It is no longer in this dimension. I urge you to follow this thread. That spirit was not a evil spirit, you will know when i will post rest of the parts.

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    Re: Message from unknown

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    This is a part 3 of the story, still some more to come.

    Part 3-------------------—---------------------------------------------------

    After exactly one month.(including minutes i think so)

    Voice- meditation 101 completed. Now you should be be able to concentrate better. 

    Me- you were gone for one month. I thought you were more impatient.

    Voice- i was never gone. I was always right beside you.

    Me- hold on when i go to my natural calls you were with me?

    Voice- is that so hard to believe, i am beyond that now, NO i do not go with you when your nature calls. I have some conscience. But i do remain in your energy field.

    Me- and i thought you were watching me, what is energy field?

    Voice- you call that Aura. Its the energy field around you. I attached to you, so i can reside in your energy field.

    Me- does that mean that you can go where ever you want bypassing that natures law.

    Voice- yes, i can bypass it. Laws of nature are rigid, so it can be easily bypassed.

    Me- it is a violation of privacy.

    Voice- your privacy was non existant from the start. I was here before you came remember?

    Me- i remember. okay now what do you want to tell me?

    Voice- its simple, first stop reading anything about any religion. The more you read about them the more you will get confused. It will be better if you remain religion neutral. Other than that now you are able to withstand 2 hours of meditation now lets take it one step further. Get me some information on the mantras used in meditation in a way of hinduism.You have one day.

    Me- you know about them already, still you are making me look for them.

    Voice- just do what you have told to do.

    Next day

    Me- i have done your work which you alteady knew, you were going to 
    tell me something about it werent you?

    Voice- why are you angry? You should be happy about it. You got to know many things about their mantras and their uses.

    Me- if i am going to learn these things myself then what is your purpose?

    Voice- you will learn things yourself but i am only here to give you the correct road. Walking on the road is your job not mine.

    Me- will you please give me your holy wisdom so that i can be blessed!!!

    Voice- sarcasm, you have to do better than this. 

    Me - i thought ghost dont understand sarcasms.

    Voice- do i look like fool?

    Me- i cant see you, so maybe?

    Voice- stop this. What did you learn about these mantras.

    I told him whatever i read on net, you can search it on net. No need to add that info here.

    Voice- so what do you understand by all of that?

    Me- well in hinduism they have different gods and godesses. Every deity have one or more respective mantras. They chant them while meditating just like in buddhism.

    Voice- now tell me more about their most important mantras.

    Me- well there is gayatri mantra which they chant at sunrise. They have another one which was important "om namah shivay". It was of someone named shiva. 
    Then there is one for vishnu " om namo bhagwate vasudevay". These are most important according to some sites. I dont know much about them.

    Voice- shiva and vishnu are their prime deity. Hinduism worships elements. Do you know elements? 

    Me- yep, fire, water, earth,air. 

    Voice- you missed one. There is another element named sky.

    Me- how can air be different than sky?

    Voice- sky is an element from which all the other elements were born. You dont need to know more. Sky trumps all others, that only matters. Now their deity vishnu is actually a water element while shiva is sky. If you chant shivas mantra you will get sky but if you chant vishnus mantra you will get water element. Its a choice. The way you are going to follow needs sky element, but water is necessary for wealth. If you want wealth choose water, want something more precious than wealth choose sky.

    Me- sky, anytime. Who need that much money.

    Voice- you shouldnt say that. You create what you wish. So then you chose sky.
    Very well. Start meditating respective mantra now. 3 hours daily,For three months.

    Me- no way, there is no time for it.

    Voice- you have time for that. Start waking up at 6 in the morning. 

    Me- its cold at that time. 

    Voice- so what? Do you know tibetan monks meditate in subzero environment.

    Me- i am not like them. 

    Voice- so what? You have to surpass them. 

    Me- surpass them!!!, are you kidding me, dont you think its too much?
    Surpassing tibetan monks is impossible.

    Voice- nothing is impossible. Some things are still impossible.(laugh). It is easy to surpass those monks. They are not at their supreme.

    Me- why do you think that?

    Voice- i will tell you this later. For now try to meditate with that mantra. Concentrate at your usual place.

    Me- you know where i concentrate?

    Voice- yes, i know. I observe your thoughts while you meditate. But i cant talk to you when you meditate. I will end up disturbing you. Do what i told you to do.

    Me- one question? 

    Voice- what? Why i am helping you isnt it?

    Me- yes.

    Voice- lets just say that i have a mutual interest in your progress. I will speak to you again after three months.

    To be continued.......


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    Re: Message from unknown

    Post  skye on Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:06 pm

    It sounds like you have a mischievous spirit around you though I understand it's your experience, and I have no wish to deny you of it. 

    It's certainly not my experience of what a Spiritual communication is from an unconditional, loving Spirit. No Spirit will ever tell a person what to do or talk to them in a manner such as described here, unless the person allows them to.

    Null void

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    Re: Message from unknown

    Post  Null void on Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:14 pm

    skye wrote:It sounds like you have a mischievous spirit around you though I understand it's your experience, and I have no wish to deny you of it. 

    It's certainly not my experience of what a Spiritual communication is from an unconditional, loving Spirit. No Spirit will ever tell a person what to do or talk to them in a manner such as described here, unless the person allows them to.
    He was mischievious indeed, but not evil. Even i first thought he was evil. Every one has his experience with spirits. Just like each persons behaviour is different so with the spirits.


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    Re: Message from unknown

    Post  skye on Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:31 pm

    Null void wrote:
    skye wrote:It sounds like you have a mischievous spirit around you though I understand it's your experience, and I have no wish to deny you of it. 

    It's certainly not my experience of what a Spiritual communication is from an unconditional, loving Spirit. No Spirit will ever tell a person what to do or talk to them in a manner such as described here, unless the person allows them to.
    He was mischievious indeed, but not evil. Even i first thought he was evil. Every one has his experience with spirits. Just like each persons behaviour is different so with the spirits.
    A mischievous spirit does not equate to an evil spirit, as some people assume.


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    Re: Message from unknown

    Post  Auras on Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:24 pm

    SpiritVoices wrote:Take my advice,Null Voice and tell the spirit to leave....immediately!!!!

    Not good at all......


    No offence to null. Sadly, This sounded like a story made up, The fact that you made part of it up does not convince me that it's true.

    For example, You say something regarding into saying you're not a tool. This is infact wrong, We one takes the mediumship path, We are basically what you call slaves for a good reason. We are used to give of information.

    I would of enjoyed it if most of it was not made up, Again No offence.


    You can order a spirit about if you like, Tell it to leave you alone it shall, Tell it to stay it shall, Intent it what the main thing is when wanting something to do something. You should never let spirit boss you around, You're the one that's in control, Set boundaries or whatever. This will say when a spirit is allowed to step forward at a certain time of the day. protection, Grounding, Meditation, Entering are all the key practices. It does sound mischievous and definitely not positive.

    Null void

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    Re: Message from unknown

    Post  Null void on Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:05 pm

    Well your reply was different than all the replies,i have recieved in different forum. You are the first one to question the posts authenticity. Yes i made many of the conversations since i forgot about the dialogues of conversations. So i have to recreated it. The events in the story are true so as the knowledge it contain. Shrugging all off just because the conversations are made up is bit extreme and illogical isnt it?

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    Re: Message from unknown

    Post  Lakshmi on Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:28 pm

    Regardless of whether this Spirit is evil or not, or whether this story may seem made up, I would like to know the rest of this story because it sounds so interesting Null Void. Please tell us more but I would like to know what sort of medidations you exactly did to evoke this Spirit, but I agree with Joanie, Get Rid of It!!!

    Null void

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    Part 4

    Post  Null void on Tue Aug 19, 2014 1:10 pm

    Here is part 4, the knowledge shared in this part might create some debates. Just precautionary warning.

    Here is the long awaited 4th part, enjoy :P

    Part 4-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    After three months.

    Voice- can you tell me about your some experiences when you started your sky element meditation.

    Me- what a surprise, as usual you want to know things you already know!!

    Voice- its my style. Let lonely ghost have some fun.

    Me- lonely?? Are you kidding me? You are like a leech sticking to my body. You can never be lonely. You are always with me unfortunately.

    Voice- i dont have any spirit company to keep. It gets lonely here. No one to talk to.

    Me- stop complaining. You want to know about my experiences?

    Voice- yes. It will be my pleasure.

    Me- 1)well within a week of meditation i felt intense pain in my third eye chakra. 2)Well after that i fell ill. 
    3)When i got out of illness i started feeling constant headaches. Medicines were not effective.
    4) After that i again fell ill. In first month alone i fell 6 times ill by different reasons. Which was unusual since i do not fell ill that much easily.
    5) Next month i was on overheat I had heat rashes which was very rare in russia.
    6) Then i started noticing energy built up in my pelvic chakra.
    7) In last Month i happened to have come across with a stomach issue which was strange. I never had any stomach problem.
    8)Headaches were gone , but the pain in the third eye chakra was still there. 
    9)And most important thing was i started to see my own and others aura.

    Voice- very good explaining. Now lets see what these experiences actually means.
    1) that means that your third eye chakra is now getting closer to the opening. It will be opened after few months.
    2) which is common. Your body is showing signs of the drainage, which was happening.So your body was weakened by that drainage.
    3) headaches caused due to the regular reasons. You were too depressed about your uncle. It was physiological and psychological.
    4) those other illness were just because your immunity was down due to depression.
    5) the heat built up was beacuse of two reasons-
    i) your sky element meditation is known to create high heat in ones body. It was a side effect of overdoing it.
    ii) your energy core got out of balance while meditating. Thus worsening situation.
    6) that means that your energy core has almost reached the 2nd last chakra.
    Or maybe it is just a gas. Nobody can tell!!!!!
    7)that means your energy core has reached your pelvic chakra, and now you have to make your energy core to advance to the next chakra or it will be bad for your stomach.
    8) those headaches were psychological. Pain in third eye means its opening.
    9) yes , it was about time you should start to see your own aura. well the aura you were seeing is just a first layer which is closer to the bodies. The more you progress the more layers you will see.

    Me- wait a minute, hold on. You said that my uncle was a pipeline to the ancestors, and after his death his eldest son will be the pipeline, isnt that what you said?

    Voice- yes.

    Me- then how come i became a pipeline before his death? i am not from a distant branch. How come i became a pipeline before his death?

    Voice- it finally clicked in your dim witted brain. When you said that you want to save your uncle, your intentions were pure. So i hit two objective with one plan.
    I didnt wanted for you to become a pipeline to your ancestors since it might stressed you more. It has its risk. I was going to establish a secondary connection of yours with your ancestors, it was safe since that link will be weak your energy will not be drained at larger rate. But since you really wanted to save your uncle, i made you the pipeline. Thats why it took 5 hours to establish it. Since spirits were trying to see if you were capable of completing the task or not. When the connection was established, the spirits connection with your uncle was severed by them. Now your uncles energy will not be drained like before. What do you think that means?

    Me- (curses) you are joking right? Is it true?(curses) you can really do that?

    Voice- natures laws are rigid, you can easily bypass them.

    Me- i dont believe it!!, can i hug you?

    Voice - stay away, it will be awful. Just dont get over excited. Remember you only baught him few years. Death is the only common destiny among every living being.
    And you took his place. Try not to be like your uncle.

    Me- i know that. But thank you what you have done for me. I misunderstood you for greedy, evil ghost.

    Voice- i am greedy but not evil. Just remeber that dont jump into changing someones destiny, everything has its price. You are paying price of your uncles additional years. And he will not believe if you told him about this. He will not be grateful to you. Does it going bother you?

    Me- no, it doesnt bother me.

    Voice- any questions on my analysis of your experiences?

    Me- many questions!!! if i was overdoing it, then why you didnt stop me?

    Voice- you were meant to overdo it. Overdoing means that your body cant handle that much energy. If you dont try to cross limits you will never cross your own limit.

    Me- what is energy core?

    Voice-its your bodies main life force. All of your bodies functions can not happen wothout it. This energy core reside in your last chakra. 

    Me- then what do you mean by energy core has reached your pelvic chakra?

    Voice- energy core does not move. Imagine a vertical pipe with 7 knobs.
    At the base of the pipe is water being pushed upwards. That is your energy core. 7 knobs are chakras. At Each knob because of neglect blockages have been developed. Now when you do meditation the water will be pushed upward. When the water will reach each knob it will start to clear blockages. When it will clear blockages it will move to another one. Your objective is to make water go beyond 7th knob. Am i clear?

    Me-what are these blockages? Negative energy?

    Voice- there is no negative energy nor positive energy. Its just the way to describe harmless and harmful energies. When you will learn to fully see aura, you will start to see these negative energies. They are considered bad due to their nature to damage our energy field and make an impact on our body. You will see these energies in black colour. People are afraid of black thats why they see these negative energies as enemies. Just let me give an example- when a average person enters a house infested with a ghost, that ghost will start to suck that persons energy so now that ghosts energy is considered negative. Now in that house a person with exceptional level of energy comes in. Now his energy level trumps the ghost's. Now if the person descides to move against the ghost, it will be a knockout for poor ghost.
    Does that mean that the persons energy was negative for ghost. When you will master your occular power you will see that organs which are not working properly will have a black colour surrounding them. I think i have strayed from main question.. What was the question again?

    Me-what are these blockages you describe earlier?

    Voice- the blockages are actually your previous incompleted files. These are the files of your previous births. Which you didnt completed.

    Me- files of previous birth?

    Voice- simple example-- when you borrow someones money and dont return it then a file is created. If you die not returning that money then when you next reincarnate as human. you will somehow pay him the money.

    Me- but these things happened at previous births, why it have to be relevant now?
    Dont you think its awful lot of time for holding grudges?

    Voice- it is not a grudge, its a transaction which was not completed. It is natures law. Every transaction have to be completed. You can fool a person but not nature. You cant bypass these laws. 

    Me- so its like when you take something from someone you have to give somthing in return. But what about bad things people do?

    Voice- now you should understand the working of nature, nature doesnt differentiate good from bad. What do you think is good and bad? What makes you think certain thing is good and certain thing is bad? Its your own point of view. There are four characteristic traits which are found in all over nature- hunger,self preservance, urge to reproduce and love. Well you cant find love in microorganisms they are too busy in increasing their numbers.(laugh). Love can only be shown by a fairly developed brain. So,it might not be common all along nature but it is an essential one.
    Now about good and bad. When tiger kills deer is tiger good or bad?

    Me- tiger is not bad, he needs to eat so he has to kill.

    Voice- so then tiger is good right?

    Me- i dont know.

    Voice- tiger is not good nor bad. He is doing what he does best, hunting.

    Me- but that doesnt explain about us, people kill each other, they steal from each other, when they are not needed to do this. We dont need to kill other people to feed ourselves.

    Voice- thats your point of view. Let me explain- according to you elderly care is good thing right?


    Voice- there are many animals who simply kill their own elderlies. Now tell me is that bad? Does nature says anything about that?

    Me- but these are animals, we are humans, we are better than them.

    Voice- humans are better than animals but they are still animals. Homo sapien sapien, that is your scientific name. You belong to the animal world, just because you brain is more developed doesnt mean you are beyond animals.

    Me- if there is no good and bad then whats the point of all of this, the sin concept, is that false?

    Voice- the intention of that concept is very important. You dont know much about religions so i must tell you that each religion have concept of sins and good deeds.
    According to them the sinner will go to a bad place after death while one with good deed will go to the good place. This whole concept is something on which your current world is based upon. At that time when these concepts are created world was in very bad shape, so these concept helped it to make better place. Imagine people knowing that there is nothing good and bad, what they will first do? Bad things. If people realize this, world will plunge into darkness. Its sometime better to live in a illusion than reality.

    Me- but then what about killing, if a person A kills person B then what happens to the person A ?
    Doesnt this fall in the transaction?

    Voice- this killing does fall into transaction. You took his life inturn he will took yours or something equal to that in next life not necessary in human birth. This law also work same way on animals.
    But then there is an exception. What if the B person have already killed the A in previous life? Then it will mean that the file of their killing is closed. Unless A again attempts to kill someone. Its not that complex.

    Me- but then what these files reside in my chakra you said really are? 

    Voice- these are same kind of files, some things you are going to recieve some you have to give. Nature takes care of the rest. 

    Me- then what about accidents and illnesses. Why they occur?

    Voice- accidents and illnesses can occur because of the foolishness of a person. If you drive a car by closing your eyes, you will find yourself with me, does that mean it was in your destiny, No. You did this to yourself. An average person ends up facing obstacles which were not even in their files when they are born. We start to create more files after some years. Accidents and illnesses or other events are not always present in our files. Some happen because of our mistakes while some are created or the main cause of that are themselves, while some are predestined.

    Me- what do you mean by created by us?

    Voice- well what i learned about you is you understand a concept well if i give any example about a concept. at least your dim wit brain was able to grasp something. 

    Me- just explain it.

    Voice- imagine you are leaving in a ghost infested house. If your energy is below than average, then that spirit in your house will have a added advantage while sucking your energy. Now your energy is drained to a critical level, when someone has low energy he will be succeptible to the diseases. Does this disease was in your file? You were responsible for your diesease when you decide to live in this house.

    Me- ok so you mean to say that we shouldnt dwell in places where there is threat to our energy, right?

    Voice- yes, but this is not the only way you loose your energy. There are many ways to loose your energy than gain. You have spent 2 and half years meditating do you know that you were just scratching the surface? Why you started to show the signs of progression just within three months why not before?

    Me- i dont know, maybe because of that new mantra?

    Voice- sort of correct. Your old mantra helped you to achieve an advance stage of concentration. Your concentration while meditating is excellent. It takes many years to hone that skill. In your case it took 1 year. since you were just a child it was easier for you to learn that and you were not forced to do this, it was your own wish to do this. Thats why you were able to do it in short time. But you didnt know what to do next? Thats where i came in. I observed your meditation sessions for one month to analyse your skills. When i saw you were ready to step further i suggested you another mantra. As you will progress you will abandon some things and will accept some things.. Thats the path you have to walk onto. Your new experiences were result of you pushing forth. You were not pushing yourself before, now meditation will gain you energy, is that right? Then tell me how you will keep that energy from geting lost?

    me- dont get near to ghosty houses?

    Voice- are you sure they are the only one want to take your energy?

    Me- no idea about what you are talking!!

    Voice- meditation will let you acquire the energy while a certain changes to your way of life will let you keep most of it.

    Me- what changes?

    Voice- for starters dont live with a spirit under one roof. Well Thats not an option for you(laugh). Avoid going into places that you think have spirits residing. But if you start avoiding this way you will end up with no place to go. Not every spirit is on a sucking frenzy. They try to be as discreet as possible. They do take litle nip of your energy but its okay, they dont have replenishable energy system. We replenish our daily quota of energy when we sleep. When we fall asleep our subconscious mind take over our body. As long as subconscious mind is in dominant position we can channel energy all around us in our body. Thats how we replenish our quota. This is the main objective of meditation to make our subconcious mind dominant for a specific period of time. As long your conscious mind is dominant your meditation will be inefficient. Now lets just look at the changes you are going to do in your lifestyle.

    Me- i did not agreed for any change in my lifestyle.

    Voice- you have to. You are only able to store only 20% of your total energy you accumulate while meditation. Rest is getting lost because of your stupid emotional side.

    Me- only 20%!!!!!, thats not possible, where is the other 80%going?

    Voice- well a considerable proportion goes to your ancestors. Do you remeber what i told you about water tank earlier, i didnt add the mistakes you were doing at that time. Let me tell you this by a simple mistake you did 3 days ago, Remeber that mistake?

    Me- i dont think i did anything wrong in this week.

    Voice- then try to remember, your classmate alexei, what was that conversation about?

    Me- so its about that, well he was telling me about his father loosing his job.

    Voice- then what did you do to assure him?

    Me- i told him that his father will get a job, no need to worry.

    Voice- well the doesnt need to worry about that, on the contrary you are the one who need to.

    Me- i dont understand!!, why?

    Voice- when you said that his father will get a job, a channel was established between you and his father. Everything is energy including money. Now lets just say that his father lost his job due to his previous files, now if there is an unemplyement phase in his life according to his file then he will remain unemployed due to different circumstances and events. Now if he wants to get a job eg. Worker in a factory. Now lets say that the requirement to get selected for is 100 units of energy, including your credentials obviously. Now if he wants to get that job he have to collect 100 units of energy. If he is not being able to get thatjob means two reasons.1) he was able to gather 100units but did not have enough energy to go beyond the restriction placed by the activated file.
    2) he was unable to gather 100 units.
    Now lets say that he is slowly gathering energy like 5 units per day. He may reach his objective as long as he remains focus on it. Now you stupidly told your friend that his father will get a job. Now a specific amount of energy will flow from you to your friends father. The amount of energy which will flow is based on some parameters, 1) the emotions you feel about you friend and his father, the deeper the emotions the greater the flow. 2)Your own energy reserves. Its flow of energy will not exceed to certain limit. It will not go beyond your daily quota. But there is always exception.
    3) how much focused you are on the objective. The more you are focused the more energy will be released. 4) the flow of energy also depends on the strength of channel. The channel between two strangers will be much weaker than a channel between a mother and her child. The connection between a mother and child is the stongest connection in this universe only paralleled by a connection between soul and nature.
    Now since you have established a connection with him, lets say that you are giving him 3 units per day. So he might get a job sooner than it was expected, all thanks to you. This channel will break when he will get a job or he dies whichever comes first. Do you understand?

    Me- thats too much, i was just assuring him? Is that a crime?

    Voice- words have power, how you use them is more important than meditation. It doesnt matter which language you use as long as you follow the rules of conversation. Never speak in the way like "it will happen, you will get that, i wish that you will get what you want, your problem will be solved, if you try it will happen, you are going to get rich/poor, god will give you that, ". You know the rest. Always talk in possiblity not in certainity when talking about others. If you are talking about yourself and if it is positive statement, talk in certainity, generally negate the negative statements or use possibility. The objective of this is to minimise the creation of the connections which might draw energy from you. A pretty good example is 
    When you told alexei that his father will get a job, instead you should have said that his father might get a job. This makes a lot of difference on how your life will be in coming years. Do you remeber telling me that you dont need money, when you say that you dont need money or dont want it, at that moment you have use you small part of energy to make sure you will not get money. Keep it up with that and soon you will end up broke. But then there are files that may give you some unexpected wealth. As i told you before it requires a lot of energy to go beyond the restrictions of a file. This think before speak rule apply to me as well. Since i possess energy i have to be coutious about not breaking this rule. Unlike you i have not replenishable energy reserve. Always think before you speak. As long as you follow this you might end up Saving considerable amount of energy.

    Me- so blessing someone might draw your energy isnt it?

    Voice- if the blessing is a certainity then yes.

    Me- so this is the only thing i have to change in my lifestyle, think before you speak and do not talk in certainity. Thats easy.

    Voice- this is just a small part. But for now continue your meditation.

    Null void

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    Re: Message from unknown

    Post  Null void on Wed Aug 20, 2014 4:45 am

    Next day, afternoon.

    Voice- good afternoon, how was your day?

    Me- stop pretending to be a human. 

    Voice- i was just asking (laugh). Anyway want to learn more about this?

    Me- i dont have any other option, go on.

    Voice- ok, then last time i told you about how to speak now today i will tell you about eating.

    Me- what do you mean by eating? Now i cant eat anywhere?

    Voice- shut your mouth, talk only when i allow you. Now take an example, of your uncles house. When someone other than his family eat the food cooked in his house, he will end up absorbing small portion of the negative energy which is present in the house, through the food. He will also end up sharing a very small amount of his own energy in house. Which then will be absorbed by occupants. But if  You consume the food cooked in a house outside of that house you will only absorb the negative energy, but your energy will not be shared. It is Not necessary that the food have to contain negative energy, it depends on the house and its occupants. If they contain substantial amount positive energy than negative then their food will contain more positive energy. This is a double edged sword. If you want to decrease you negativity in your house then try to feed as many people as you can, the negativity in your house and its occupants will be decreased. But if your house and its occupants contain more positivity than negativity you will end up giving your own energy to them people who will eat your food. The food which does not get cooked in house have same properties but carry less energy. 

    Me-what about restaurants? Do they work on same principle?

    Voice- No, when you eat in restaurant you exchange money with the food. So no connection is made with the food and the chef and you. When you pay the price the energy contain in those food items are not absorbed be it positive or negative. It is Exactly opposite of eating food in others home. You dont pay them so the connection created by emotions is not severed. The energy is absorbed by you. It is hard for you to understand this, but you have to follow it regardless of any exception.

    Me- i dont get it, if i eat in my friends house even if they give me food out of love it will carry negative energy? I dont understand!!

    Voice- the energy which is higher will be in higher amount in food in the food. Normally the food items consist only negative or positive energy. It is just a theoretical way of saying. Actually this is the main cause of problems which are created by us. Eating in each others food will certainly cause trouble. As long as they dont contain that much of negativity you are safe. The results of these practisces are slow. It will take more than 6 months to see actual results.

    Me- ok, so when you pay for food its safe, but when you dont, dont eat.
    But its impractical!!, i visit my friends time to time, even some family friends, it will be rude to not eat anything.

    Voice- it may be rude but it should be followed for your own good. Only eat when there is no escape. You can eat dry food items which contain very small or no amount of water. Water is the main mode  for transporting energy, since it can fairly store and transport energy. The food item which will contain water will have more amount of energy than their dry counterparts. The less you eat from someone else the better for you.

    Me- i get it. I will not eat from someone else tiffins, your changing my way life is becoming a headache.

    Voice- its not over yet. I have observed that you dont go to play, kids at your age should be playing on ground not playing these stupid video game!!!!

    Me- i dont like playing, its too much of exhaustion. I sweat and i get tired which i dont like, and besides there are no children of my age to play in this area. 

    Voice- outdoor games are important for the healthy growth of childrens. If there is no one to play with you then start doing exercises. Crunches, pushups, pullups. Go find about how to do them. You will dedicate one hour every day for doing exercises, And with that you will go for walking at morning and in evening. Start to  walk  barefooted.

    Me- thats torture!!! I cant go to walk in morning, its too cold.. And walking barefooted what do you mean?

    Voice- its not that much cold. People work in this weather, you will be able to handle it. Body and mind should be at their top fitness while you are walking on this path.
    Mind and body cannot live without each other. Walking barefooted will open your feet chakra. Feet chakras are good at absorbing earth element,( obviously.) with these opened feet chakras you will be able to effectively absorb surrounding energy, since your crown chakra is closed so feet chakras are good way to go.

    Me- my feet have chakras? 

    Voice- there are many chakras like the 7 chakras. Just these 7 chakras are more important than anyother chakra. Now you know about how to speak, how to eat, how to care for body , lets see how to react or how to control emotions.
    Now imagine you are driving a car and somebody bump you from behind, getting angry in this situation is normal but if you go overboard under influence of anger you will end up creating more files. Accept what has happened even if it was not your mistake, remaining angry for more than three minutes is not good for someone doing meditation or any person. Try to control your anger, dont let anger control your actions. You can do your legal stuff but going overboard means more files.
    The best way to control your anger is to forgive someone who is the cause of the anger. The trait of forgiving people has to be developed, start forgiving people for their mistakes, but this needs a certain policing. It should be your conscience who will tell you who to forgive and who to not. Anger is not your enemy nor friend.
    Controlling and using it makes the difference.

    Me- easy for me, i dont get angry often.

    Voice- we will see about that. Well i will give you 1 month. follow,what i told you then tell,me the results.

    To be continued......

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    Re: Message from unknown

    Post  eyeopen on Wed Aug 20, 2014 3:48 pm

    Hi I am just postign so its easier to find later.

    I do have alot to say, however maybe should wait till i read the rest.

    I have and am experiencing the same thing kind of. Voices in the head, sometimes like its evil, sometimes like its tryna teach me, feel different energies, attacked physicall,y difference is they dont let me meditate, prey, do worship of goddess, or heal reiki etc they can stop it all. Also fill my body with like acid feels like. Will do a post now, lol.

    But as for you Null, i think your story so far is funny and can kinda relate to it, howeevr mine is more a nightmare now.

    Be carefull, if u feel its going well keep with it, but dont openly let others control you, or get attatched urself as it mite not be good.

    Firstly to me I thought it was a guide helping u slowly, testing u, now not sure. I thought same about those whom talk to me etc.

    Mine was different as the Gods u mentioned shiva and vishnu I have seen them in meditation. So I actually thought the Gods were testing me. But they started bullying me putting me down, attacking me more and more. Before when I felt energy threw me was like they tried stp me  meditating however when i grounded they couldnt stop me, now they dont let me ground meditate so they seem to have power over me!

    They have sworne to gods, they said the most disgusting things.

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    Re: Message from unknown

    Post  Null void on Wed Aug 20, 2014 4:33 pm

    Hii eyeopen, i can definitely understand  how you are feeling. As far as your experiences are concerned i dont have any right to tell you if they are of evil or good. I want to discus that with you. Please PM me about your experience and its prologue

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    Re: Message from unknown

    Post  Null void on Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:47 pm

    This is the 6th part, sorry to end it abruptly but i was running out of time. If you didnt grasp the cocept like me ,kindly wait for next part. If anyone have any doubt on the dream part, dont even question me. I still dont understand it but i am 100% sure it happens.

    Part 6-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    After 1 month

    Voice- you are face is sulking, what happened? 

    Me- just like you dont know what is happening right?

    Voice- (name of diesease) , you know why this is happening?

    Me- harmful bacterias???

    Voice- correct, but not only bacterias but there are other things which can cause it. Do you know why now? At this time?

    Me- i dont get it? What do you mean by time?

    Voice- when a chakra is on low energy you will face some problems which are associated with that chakra. If heart chakra is on a low you will likely to face heart problem in future if you dont do anything about that. Now lets consider you example when your energy core has reached your pelvic chakra it started to clean your files. 

    Me- wait!!, so this energy core will clean these file itself. So i dont have to do anything about it. Thats great.

    Voice- No, the energy core works like a boss. It will take one file from your stash of files and put it on your desk. When you go through with it, the file will be cleared. Its that simple. It will not clear your files for you. You are the one who is going to do that. The more your core will remain in that chakra, these issues of stomach which are more water related will be common. It is also depended upon how balanced your core is, if its not stable then you will face issues. .Its best for you to make your core go towards next chakra.. Now your core is in pelvic chakra for a month, have you observed some strange happenings in your life since last month?

    Me- i dont know anything strange, well my day is getting more eventful visiting hillsides and lakes, then there are some strange dreams not my usual ones. 

    Voice- can you explain more about these dreams?

    Me- well my regular dreams are more of about games, like i was being chased by zombies, fighting in warzone etc. but these dreams are i can say more peaceful, one dream i remember is that i was in a city which i dont recognise. This city does not seem russian. I dont know why i was there but i was wandering there, i dont remeber much about that dream. In other one i was mugged by someone, and in another one i saw myself in accident. A car crashed on my bicycle from behind. I dont think i escaped unharmed. These dreams contain real me not me in some different costumes.

    Voice- let me be clear about this. Most of our Dreams are induced by brain. Brain uses your memories, your emotions and your day to day events to create dreams. But not every dream is created by this. Sometimes when we sleep our consciousness or soul leave this body and wander around where ever he wants to. Sometimes the places we see in dreams are because of this event. You can call it astral travelling. While there are some dreams where we get indications of what is going to happen in future. But the dreams you experienced do not fall in any of these categeories. You know that the files that stored in your chakras have to be cleared, so then you clear them by going through with them, experiencing it right?

    Me- yes, i suppose.

    Voice- it is not necessary to actually live through them, it is not necessary for you to be awake just to go through them, do you understand?

    Me- not one bit!!

    Voice- means that you can clear your files while in sleep, universe or nature whichever you are comfortable with do not differentiate between dreams and reality, or just putting it simply they do not care if you are awake or asleep!!. Clear your file in dream or while awake, doesnt matter.

    Me- thats something bizarre, how can dreaming will mean that you cleared your files, it is not logical !!.

    Voice- these dreams do not occur randomly or something, only your energy core have a power to induce them. As the energy core progresses the speed of clearing your files is increased. When you are born a specific set of files have been assigned to you, your objective is to clear them. But there are many files which cant be cleared, means it willl be illogical to do that, like your dream where you visited a city, and you got mugged in that city, those two events were in in one dream, you didnt realise that. Now that event was one of your file. Now that city is in turkey, now there is no way in your life you will end up in turkey, and just so that you will get mugged or face similar loss. This file was stored in your pelvic chakra so when your core started to pull out files it stumbled upon this. To complete this file you have to go to the turkey which was not possible since you were not destined to go there in this life.
    That file was supposed to be activated when you will reborn as a human in next life.
    But because of your core doing this cleanup it have to be cleared. So your core induced this incident in your dream in to clear this file, but this will not always happen like that, which file will be induced in dream and which file will get activated in reality is totally depended on your core, which means it will depend on the nature itself. You didnt understand any of it. 

    Me- Nope.

    Voice- well if have to put it simply then the files which are petty but very hard to clear, files which might hurt you and the files which are not possible to do in this life by you are induced. It depends on nature which file to induce and which to not. Since core is a part of nature it will descide it as behalf of nature. Nature will not always save you from harm just like it did when it induced the cycle accident in your dream. I can only say that those who love and take care of nature, the nature will also love them and will take care of them.

    Me- still its going over my head.

    Voice- seems it cant be helped. Dont think about this. Just do what you always do.
    Anyway its been five months since we are with each other. you always seems to be in your own thoughts, the good thing is that you think about science and other useful things not the regular trash. Your thoughts are powerful, if you constantly think about someone you will end up giving him a very small amount of your energy.
    If you want to gather more energy try to be in news and tv shows. The more people will think about you the more energy you will gain. Its no about positive or negative thoughts, both will bring you energy. Just that both the energy if not managed correctly will result in downfall of that person. The threat is higher when dealing with negative enrgey. You should never thought of any negative about you and your family.
    Or anyone else. Like if you think that you cant do mathematics, your skills, and confidence in maths will start to decrease. Dont give your brain bad thoughts. Always think you are clever, and if someone tells you that you are dumb, negate his comment by saying the opposite or just refuse to accept it in your mind. If you start accepting the bad comments from people, you will eventually be like there comments. This is how manipulation is done. 

    Me- that much i can understand. But one question, if the file i cleared was not supposed to open in this birth, still it got cleared, so i actually gone through something which i would have done in like 200 years or more. So isnt it something like..

    Voice- time travel, you can call it time travel but its not you who is travelling, You know that we get born with specific set of files, so if you live a sedentary life and clear all your files and did not create one bit, that doesnt mean you won. There is a huge stash of files waiting for you to be cleared in next births. So even if you think you cleared all of your files in this birth doesnt mean you really did it. It requires energy to activate these files which are future destined. You were able to do it because of your meditation and help of enrgy core. What do you think people with no knowledge of that would do about it?

    Me- i dont know, if they dont know about it then i dont think they will be able to clear their files.

    Voice- actually its quite the opposite. When you accumulate more amount of energy you speed up the process of clean up. Imagine yourself pulling a string which represents files embeded in a timeline . The more energy you accumulate the faster you will able to pull the string. If you do it right you will not only succeed in clearing files of only this life but the of the others you will be born as humans. Now how normal people whom can pull this string without anykind of energy accumulation method? Answer is simple buy buying automobiles. 

    Me- now you have cracked up, stop joking. Seriously automobiles????

    Voice- why would i joke ?. To buy something you need to have enough energy, just like that every object have specific amount of energy which is stored in them. If you want to gain energy and speed up the process buy a car or bike or whatever which runs. You should only buy something which is latest or relatively new. You shouldnt buy something which is older than 2 or 3 years if you want maximum result. Buying old vehicles will only slow down the results. Same goes for electronics. Cellphones, TV and other equipements contain energy. Why the electronics and vehicles because these are the things that you use everyday. Cellphones are important because we use them all day long and carry them with us. The latest the eqiupments are faster the result. I think it was my mistake giving you this info now, i would have explained you the concept of generations first. Only then you will be able to understand what actually happens. 

    To be continued........

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    Re: Message from unknown

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    This will be the most contraversial part of the series :P
    Sorry for posting this late. I accidently deleted the document which contained this part. So this rewritten thing is not upto the mark but bare with me.
    If you dont understand the automobiles concept even after reading this part then all fault is mine. I cant explain it more easily, i dont have words for it....

    Part 7----------------------------------------------

    NOTE- the word generation is the word used by entity, but he also states that the vibration and generation are same, but i think that generation have more deeper meaning than vibration thats why i constantly used the word generation. Readers can interpret it as vibrations.

    Me- hey, thats not logical. If cellphone contains energy then why not your clothes?

    Voice- clothes do contain energy but it depends on whose clothes they are? If you wear the clothes of people with higher energies then these clothes will carry the same type of the energy to you. Its not about quantity but about quality. And clothes dont run on any kind of elemental energy, infact they dont run at all.( i cant explain this, i dont have any words for it) Not only the cellphones but even the wris****ches are good for this since they do run on specific type of energy. Every thing living, non living contains energy. When you will attained a specific level then you will be able to interact with the non living objects because it is not the object you are interacting with but rather the energy it contains. In simple example if you want to know the price of a cellphone just put a hand on it and ask it. No need to find the price in anyother way. The objects will tell you the price in which they are bought. We are straying from the real subject. Now the generations. 
    There are 9 generations just like the 10 realms.( i think someone have raised the doubt about the limited number of realms, i will try to make it clear.) Now i never told you about these realms have i?

    Me- no, you only told me about the last realm.

    Voice- the last realm is only for those who have not able to pass on. If i have to be clear on this i can say that this last realm can not be considered as realm, it is more of a thin layer between your world and the astral world. In which realm will soul enter is entirely depended upon the generation of soul is currently in.
    Now tell me how many numbers are actually present in between 1 and 2?

    Me- am i a kid going to nursery?, there is no number between 1 and 2. Just the difference between them is 1, if thats what you are talking about.

    Voice- you are still a nursery going kid. There are infinitely many numbers in between 1 and 2. Just like 1.1, 1.23, 1.234, 1.23456. Are these numbers have equal value?

    Me- No, but they are real numbers. I answered it with respect to natural numbers.

    Voice- thats why you are nursery kid. Dim wit. Now just like that, there are infinite planes between any two realms. The numbering of 1 to 9 is to categeorise them into 9 distinct vibrational realm. For eg soul with vibration rating 4.9 will go to 4 th realm but in reality he will be in the 4.9th realm. There is no rating there nor any number system. I am just explaining this as so you can grasp it. Now on earth when a human will complete the files which was assigned to him and doesnt create any more, than according to his vibrational rating he will be passed to other realms, only if he has accumulated enough energy. Now how can a person raises his vibration or generation? Do you have any idea?

    Me- by doing meditation, and yes by buying automobiles and other electronic home appliances right?

    Voice- lets just not consider the buying thing, do you think the meditation will raise your generation?

    Me- i think so, meditation is the main part in this way . It can solve many problems. Even raise your generation.

    Voice- No. Meditation do not raise your generation. The clearings of your files will raise your generation. Meditation will only help to accumulate energy to clear those files. Even your energy core gives you energy to clear the files. Lets begin from start. Imagine a person with a dormant energy core.

    Me- wait!! dormant? How can energy core will be dormant?

    Voice- when a you are born, in the ordeal of the birth process the baby's energy core gets activated, again it will only get activated if mothers core is already active. In the months of pregnancy, the mothers core gets activated, and in time of pregnancy the core of baby also get activated because of presence of his mothers activated energy core. So in both the cases as the years passed both the individuals start accumulating more negative energy in their body, another reason of dormancy of energy core is the disconnection from nature.. People accumulate more negative energy than positve energy. When this happens the energy core will slowly become dormant. That means it will not be able to give its 99.99% power to the individual. For our day to day life the energy flow from core is necessary but considering the amount of energy it contains 0.01% of energy is enough to sustain a body. Now The energy core will remain dormant or active may relate to ones file, and the generation of soul. But as the every living thing with fair amount of developed brain have free will they are free to do whatever they think. So the state of core might depend on a individuals own will and its decisions. The meaningful randomness is natures speciality.

    Me- then how do you activate energy core in males body?, sure as hell they dont get pregnant and according to you there is certainity that a persons core will get dormant after some years.

    Voice- just as i said before, according to the souls previous files, the generation and the free will of that individual will determine the state of the core. So its not certain for anyone to have his core dormant or active. Now in males if their core is dormant then they have to find other ways to make their core active. Best way and fastest way to do that is to find a person with near superhuman level of energy and the skill to use it. make him activate your core. The other benefit of that is that he will open your crown chakra with the activation of energy core, since both go hand in hand. You cant activate someones core without opening their crown chakra, but you can open their crown chakra without activating their energy core. But finding someone with this kind of caliber is hard. Another option is to do meditation, this path is bit slow but can guarentee opening of energy core if done properly. Praying, singing, dancing, the things where you were able to connect with your conciousness and nature or in others case god will lead to the activation of core. These process are slow and there is no guarantee it might activate you core. Hearing music will speed up your crown and heart chakra while singing will speed up both chakras as well as throat chakra. So even if they fail to activate the core they are very useful in speeding up a chakra. The inability of a male to activate the energy core wthout doing extra work is the reason the every male should marry a female. I will talk on this thing later. Remeber the activating enrgy core is a one time shot. After that if the core gets dormant then it will be almost impossible in this dimension to do anything about it. But there is always a bypass. Do you know that when someone with 50 times higher energy level than you dies, then what happens to his soul ?There is a group of souls who have not achieve the final objective but are very close to it dwell in the first dimension. These are the souls who have their flow of energy core in their crown chakra. Now these souls had a shot at the final objective but they chose to stay, do you know why? To guide people on earth so that they can achieve the final objective. They are almost one with nature so they dont have restrictions of dimensions. They can communicate with us and can even manifest in a form and can even take a birth if they want. But the most significant ability they posess is to activate the energy core . Activating a twice dormant core can only be achieved by them. Still nature have its anomalies. The same souls when they were humans had that ability to activate twice dormant core. But for now lets come back to the point where you interrupted. Dim wit.

    Me- its bizarre, are you sure you are not telling fairytales? And what is this final objective?

    Voice- even if i am telling fairy tales, you have to still listen to what i am saying. The final objective is something every souls childhood dream. It is still early to tell you about this concept, so just dont concern about this objective. Now the begining. Imagine a man is born with a dormant energy core because of his mothers dormant core. Now lets give him all of the wisdom he needs to achieve the final objective. The first step would be meditation. He has to try to accumulate enough energy so that his energy core can activate. The meditation is still required to progress further. Now he is following all the rules related to how to live a life. I havent told you all of it. Now he has to direct the flow of energy coming from core to all the chakras. This flow of energy will start to cleanse the files in every chakra. The energy core will activate the files he has to complete . After he completes all the files in chakra the the flow of energy core will go to next chakra. The flow of energy core will not enter in a chakra as long as the chakra is not functioning properly. The chakra which is not functioning properly will have low vibration. In order To complete those files you need energy which can be obtained by meditation and from energy core. The more files you will clear the higher your generation of soul would get. And as higher the generation of your soul will get the higher the realm it will enter. To maximise the speed there is a shortcut by using objects like automobiles to increase the vibration of your energy.
    Accumulating large amount of energy which is of lower vibration is less useful than 
    A medium amount of energy with higher vibration. The body can contain only limited amount of energy so if the amount of energy exceeds then it is actually harmful for you. Now do you understand the whole process?

    Me- well yes, i think so. Some questions though, do you remeber me telling me that the first born are better than last born, they are always more promising etc., why it is that? I think the pregnacy theory has something to with it.

    Voice- yes, it has everything to do with it. The first delivery guarantedly end up delivering baby an activated energy core. Now the childs core will remain active for more than 10 years without any special care. while the mother might have a hard time keeping her energy core active. So it might become dormant again. So it is likely to have last borns having a no active core with. But in many cases the energy core remains active even after giving birth. Now in your case, do you know anything about your paternal grand mother?

    Me- i didnt know much about her, she died before i was even born.

    Voice- she was a religious person but she was open minded. When she gave birth to your dad she end up activating her enegry core. She had a knack for meditation.
    So because of that she was able to give birth to the children who have opened energy core. So the last born here is more powerful than the first born, since your grand mother was meditating she was able to expand her core'senergy. So in that time your uncle was born. Due to the higher vibrational energy of core, your uncles energy core got activated. So because of higher vibration of energy core your uncle surpassed your father in way of energy . Thats why spirits chose him not your father.

    Me- well then how your that shortcut works?

    Voice- you still didnt understand? Its simple, if you keep in contact with higher vibrational energy your own energy will begin to vibrate and in the end you will have same vibrational energy. Not everyone can have contact with most higher vibrational energies so using car,motorcycles and other electronic equipements become necessary because not everyone meditates or does other things. Now there is a car which is recently launched, now you bought the car. Since you are not of legal age lets assume you are. Now only buying a car will not going to change your vibration, it will have only minimalistic effect on you. Now in order to do that you have to be in sync with your car, that means you have to drive your car. You have to atleast drive your car for few hours in a week in order increase your vibration. Now what happens actually is that the higher energy of the car will try to increase the lower vibrational energy of yours. But as everything has its limits the cars energy will be useless after sometime. The time varies person to person. It can be from few months to few years. It also depends on how rapidly you are progressing by clearing your files. If you end up jumping onto the next generation by raising your vibration then the cars energy will be useless. Then the cars energy will be an obstacle in your path. Since now you are progressing ahead the vibrational energy you will be containing will be higher than the cars vibrational energy. So then the cars energy will try to decrease the vibrations of your energy. So at that time it is best to get rid of the car or stop driving it. As with other energies the factor of love and compassion is always important. If you love your car like you love your girlfriend then you will be better synced with the car. Remeber if you start despise your car or any objects it will just severe the connection between you two. So if the connection is severed then there is no point in owning that car, it will just a car and not a way to increase your energy. This kind of severed connection with a car is harmful for a the owner since it can cause some damge financialy or physically. Just like that as you increase the generation, the higher you go, the higher amount of energy requires to progress further. It is easy to increase the generations from 9 to 7 but beyond that it gets difficult. Even going from 7 to 6 is difficult job. You will require multiple cars to achieve that. And remeber that the generation can not change unless you clear the files Which belongs to that specific generation. Same goes for electronics since we use them. The price of objects i.e the higher technology or some other things are important since they contain more energy. The higher the price and the newness of the object the higher energy it will contain. In simple words zhiguli is of lower generation than ferrari f430. But in given time even ferrari f430 will become of lower generation. But if there is a newly produced zhiguli then you can buy it but the results wlll be very minimal. You dont have any doubts on it now.

    Me- yes, i suppose. Maybe i cant process all that much info? So the generation concept is to jump to another generations until you find yourself on 1 st generation.
    But there is no way to prove it if it works?

    Voice- no, but then you should have faith in it. Pick a stone from ground. 

    Me - what? Do you want me to smash it on your head? I will be happy to do that.

    Voice- just pick it ip

    Me- ok , now what to do with this stone? 

    Voice- that stone is god.

    Me- now you are asking for it. Show me your head i will smash it for you.

    Voice- the faith. Having faith can make a difference between failure and success. Its all about having faith. If you think that this stone is god and have faith in it then your mind will store part of your energy in this stone . Now imagine if you start telling people that this stone is god. If people,start having faith in that stone then their mind too will store their energy in that stone. Imagine thousands of people storing their energy in it little by little. So the stone contains the energy, and energy recognises the feeling of love and compassion towards it, not the usual good and bad criteria. So if the energy in the stone decides to give part of that stones energy to someone because of of some reason then it can. Thats how the concept of statues of gods and their temples works. Its not the energy of these gods but of all the people who worships them and visit that place. Now it is only theoretical in practicality this stone can able to contain very less amount of energy and for very limited time. As its size increases so the Storage capacity. Different type of materials can store different amount of energy. In metals gold have the highest storage capacity, while in stones or in minerals the specific types of crystals can store large amount of energy even higher than gold. You did know about the elemental deities of hinduism. When they build a statue of that deity they actually worship that element, and inturn the element in that statue will become the same as people worship. You should understand that these deities or gods in any religion did not created us but its quite the opposite. Our mind tries to creates what we think. The gods people worship are the same they created. Have you grasped the concept of gods yet?

    Me- i thought it was strange that you always refer to some higher power as nature or universe. I forgot to ask you about that. 

    Voice- you have to understand that the god which people refer to is nothing but the nature or in broad concept the whole universe. Everything you see is part of it. What did you think of god before this?

    Me- i didnt have any specific belief about god, since my parents do not believe in god so i have raised without any beliefs about it. In short i am not sure what god is?

    Voice- the god is not a single entity, in every religion god is called omnipotent, why?
    Because its everything, you, me, this stone, this grass everything. Even people who try to harm other people. There is god in every thing in this world. So if you want to really worship the god, showing compassion and love to every thing in this nature is a true path. It is the final realisation. Some souls which are reincarnating in human births, they spent hundreds of years just to find that there is no such thing as god as the way they think it was. No one can find that realisation in just one birth. Do you know how many years it took you to find this? 

    Me- I dont know, 3 years?

    Voice- 267 years not including your current age.

    Me- 267 years!!! How can you know that?

    Voice- i can see your past even your previous births. 

    Me- then who i am in previous births?

    Voice- does that matter? Who were you previously doesnt matter, its who you are now that matters. Now i think you have a basic idea about how the nature works.
    There are some more important things than this. 

    Me- more important? You already stated how all things work and even about the nature then what important concept remained?

    Voice- this is just a supplementary knowledge. You will know about it when i will tell you about it.

    Me- hey you said it took 267 years for me to achieve this then what if i told someone about that, then regardless of anything he will know your knowledge?

    Voice- nature knows it all already. The knowledge is all around you. But you have to be on that level to gain that knowledge. If you achieve that level then the knowledge which belongs to that level will automatically come to you in any way possible. So if you give that knowledge to someone whom is not ready or did not reach that level then he will listen to what you are saying but will never follow or believe in what you are saying or he might not even understand what you are saying. This wisdom can not be understood as long as the time is not ripe for one. Only when their time is come the knowledge will come to them. In your case you already achieved this level your previous life, you knew about these things in your previous life. Thats why you had a curiosity towards meditation and other things. Because you did it all already. In this birth you just have to push a bit harder to gain that knowledge again. I was fortunate enough to teach you. You dont know a thing about your past live and it should stay as it is. Now then i think your mother is looking for you. Think about what i have said . We will talk after one month. I think you should buy a cellphone now....

    Me- just like my mom would buy it for me? And dad is on his business trip i dont and he will come that much early.

    Voice- what did i tell you, you create what you desire. Think about your wish, imagine the cellphone. Now you just have to concentrate on your wish once or twice a day. We will talk again in a month.

    To be continued.........

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    Important note

    I forgot to add that-
    This concept of automobiles and electronic gadgets will only work if the ownership of the vehicle belongs to you or your parents. When parents change their generations then it will also affect their childrens. But if childrens change their generations then it will not affect parents. I dont know why is that? But thats only he told me. He didnt explain anything about it nor i asked him 

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    That doesn't make sense to me.   Did this information come from Spirit?

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    SpiritVoices wrote:That doesn't make sense to me.   Did this information come from Spirit?

    Yep, inventing this kind of information will require either tolkien or j. K. Rowling. I am neither.

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    Neither am I!... :giggles:

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