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    Lovely people



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    Lovely people

    Post  Auras on Wed Aug 13, 2014 6:20 pm

    I joined a group on facebook called "Messages sent from heaven" "messages sent begins"

    Over the time I've been there I've noticed an increased in my mediumship. I done a couple of readings on there, I've had good feedback, some not good feedback, But it's all good. I kind of got down the other day because of my confidence in my abilities. I was discussing with a few members on the group. I will quote a few things they said.

    You need to keep with your reading tho you will be an exellent reader In no time at all

    It turns out we are very a like we had similar childhoods. We went deep into my past. her following words about my past.

    You can do it slowly

    You are in control

    When you were younger everyone else had an opinion or kept you away

    You are now old enough to make these decisions

    You make them your in control, you couldn't help the past but you can build a future

    We move into my spiritual development. She is very much like me. Not enough guidance and you don't get it of your parents either.

    she says the following.

    Everything became confused and I had no guidence

    When you have no guidence and these spirits just pop in and out when they like it can be daunting

    Yes honey that's why I approached you, it's not a nice place to be

    Still talking about my development.

    Yep me too

    And my parents weren't encouraging of it

    And still aren't

    I shut down for years

    Reopened about 10 12 years ago

    And I don't want you to take that journey

    another person talking to me

    it is tough for you you know you are close to spirit

    we can sense it Rosina can sense it too


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    Re: Lovely people

    Post  SpiritVoices on Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:50 pm

    Fantastic,Josh...I am so pleased for you..keep up the good work.... :grin:

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