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    8 of swords and 8 of cups


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    8 of swords and 8 of cups

    Post  shayn on Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:14 am

    First topic message reminder :

    anyone else see the resemblance between these 2 cards? 
    using the rider deck images for this...
    do not know about other decks images...

    yup true meaning of cards are not the same, but i suspect they are more related then thought of at first.

    anyway, any thoughts are wellcome


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    Re: 8 of swords and 8 of cups

    Post  Crystal on Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:15 pm

    shayn wrote:
     it is not a dead art, at least for me.
    btw, do you use the cards for other things then reading?
    hope you don't mind me asking?

    Tarot reading is an art and one that is often overlooked and ignored. It is not a gift, it is gained by hard work and study, mastering a deck is beautiful, but truly the deck is always the master and should be chosen to fit the circumstances.

    I use the cards for lots of things, but I think mostly it is the different types of reading that I wonder at. I don't mean spreads though they are fun. I mean working inside the cards.


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    Re: 8 of swords and 8 of cups

    Post  Skye2 on Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:20 pm

    Crystal wrote:I'm not sure how to reply to those two views of the cards without possibly offending.

    I wonder if Skye2 sees anything positive in them at all?  Or if such a judgemental attitude and such depressive words (mental instability, personal crisis, unseen barriers, self sacrifice, respite, unnecessary suffering, insanity, chaos, setbacks, suffering, misery) would really be helpful if used in a reading?
    Hello Crystal,

    I have no cause or reason to take offence in regard to your post. The 2 cards which shayn asked for any thoughts on may come across as being judgemental to you but the points I make are not intended to be used in a reading environment per se. 

    They were written to give my perspective of how I would probably perceive these 2 cards if I were to look at them to get a generalised overview of a recipient's circumstances before attempting any form of interpretation. This should not imply that I allow for personal judgement and negative language to be a part of any of my tarot readings. There is always positivity to be found in any number of the tarot cards when laid out. A reader may never know for certain how their words have been received although it is always hoped that a recipient leaves a reading session with renewed hope and inspiration for a happier future and not walk away feeling suicidal. 

    The swords suit seeks action and are associated with the various aspects of the mind which also has an impact on the emotional state. In my opinion and experience people usually put up barriers and withdraw from others when they are faced with issues that are too much for them to deal with. This can result in their thoughts and actions becoming chaotic and irrational whereby they tend to react from a place of fear rather than responding with logical thinking. 

    If a person should continue to think and act on the same thoughts over and over in the hope of changing their circumstances, without considering to make different choices in regard to their over all outcome, it can lead to them living life in a form of insanity - albeit temporarily. I do not mean the permanent form of insanity or mental illness as used by the medical profession. I doubt very much that people willingly behave in such a manner. It's more likely to be that they are totally unaware of how their behaviour and attitude can have negative consequences to their life when all they're aiming for is finding a solution to a personal problem. 

    Now, I'm the first one to admit that I'm not an authority on behavioral attitudes - far from it - or anything else come to that. But I do know negative thoughts, feelings and actions if continued without support can cause disharmony and lead to disruptive, repetitive behaviour within relationships and families. People sometimes seek out a tarot reader when they are in a vulnerable state and it's highly possible the recipient is fearful about what the future may hold for them.

    The painted blue grey sky on this card can suggest to the reader that the recipient has a fear of new ideas or how to implement them successfully. Part of a readers responsibility is to encourage a recipient to see with clarity and understand how making changes from within will have a beneficial effect on how they interact with other people. By that it can allow for confidence and hope for a brighter future to filter through. This is made possible via the intuition and symbolic interpretation as gained from surrounding cards and not from a readers own prejudices or judgement. 

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    Re: 8 of swords and 8 of cups

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