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    Arcane Angels?

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    Re: Arcane Angels?

    Post  Detlef on Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:48 am

    avianscepter wrote:Does anyone here in the angelican realms know of arcane angels?
    I am a sucker for strange an obscure questions relating the angelics.
    I have to admit, in order to to understand the question I had to get a definition on the term: arcane.
    First we need to understand, all terms in the esoteric field, are attempts of humans to understand what they are not capable of.
    So we are bound to come across some very strange classifications.
    This one seams to be one of them.
    The meaning of Arcane seams to be,  known or understood by those with special knowledge; secret.

    This line of definition could fit several angelics who come into incarnation to be of service, it could even fit my self.
    But I will not go into what I am her to do. Keeping it a secret is not important any longer, since the Archons are as good as defeated and removed.
    But never the less, there are several lines of angelics who come in on special missions, and this can range from working in the back of governments, to instigating revolutions, or becoming a well known person and dying as a  martyr. Those entities are always highly protected to the end. 
    The idea is, if a dark person or entity tries to read them, they see anything but their true self.
    This last part applies for me as well. Many have tried to read me, or manipulate me. Someone, some years ago called me a Chameleon. Every time they tried to read me, they saw something else, but never my true self. When they approached me about it, I told them, they should not attempt to read me without permission. This is very simple. But this is how protection can work, for entities that should not be recognized for what they are.

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