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    portal in revisiting past lives or portal to the spirit world?


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    portal in revisiting past lives or portal to the spirit world?

    Post  partofme on Sat Aug 03, 2013 7:42 pm

    I have been thinking about this ever since my youngest had her episode the other night and her identifying it from a previous episode at a different home.

    When she had it that night,  I had asked her about what she seen.  Still somewhat incoherent she rambled about the circles going round, spinning like a washer and dryer. That it was like daylight out, except for this circle of greyish spinning.  I asked if she seen anyone and at first she said no.  I try not to imply, just ask.
    She did mention a day or so after it, if I wanted her to draw it for me.   It was what she explained.  Only now she said she did in fact see someone in that tunnel that night and it looked a lot like her, but she was unable to see the face.  She pulled at the back of her shirt, to me as she seen it (like they might of been facing away from her and said that the person was wearing purple and seemed to have blonde hair like her.

    Does anyone know when you astral project, has it been tunnel like?  Could she be seeing her past lives through this portal or could she possibly be seeing spirit when shes out and about?   Im asking for others experiences if they would be so kind to share as Ive never had this happen to me. 

    My idea is that she has spirit come to her.  That it is her gift to see them through to the other side or shes revisiting her own past lives.

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    Re: portal in revisiting past lives or portal to the spirit world?

    Post  SpiritVoices on Sat Aug 03, 2013 8:17 pm

    Will come back to this,partofme.:asmile:

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