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    Hello all :)

    Just joined

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    Hello all :)

    Post  thetricktolife on Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:16 pm

    Hello there my name is Chantelle I am 27 years old (28 in october) and I have just joined this forum :)

    I am an indigo (not that I know a huge deal about being one at the moment, just trying to learn what it all means) and I am spiritually developing & awakening!

    i am unfortunately for me the Carrie Bradshaw of the forum (character in sex & the city) & I am hoping to find a bit more about soulmates who are runners as mine is :(

    I am into angels & doing angel cards readings (apparently i'm quite good at them according to others hehe) & i am also a photo reader

    i need to build up more confidence in my reading skills & trusting my intuition as everytime i do a reading or try to listen to my intuition i worry i am so wrong & a million miles away from accuracy & despite people telling me i am correct, i still doubt myself!!

    I am here in the hope I may be able to learn something new along the way, to maybe make some like minded friends & develop along the way.

    Nice to be here :)


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    Re: Hello all :)

    Post  Violet on Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:37 am

    Hi Chantelle I hope you enjoy the forum, the confidence thing is difficult, even for people with years of experience, i'm sure you'll get to know and like lots of our members:flo:

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