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    Why the Spiritist Codification?


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    Why the Spiritist Codification?

    Post  kardecian on Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:25 am

    Our Spiritist group in Portland, Oregon are studying THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SPIRITISM. It's really important that people do not blindly accept any sort or teaching. So, WHY do we bother to study the works of Allan Kardec? WHAT SORT OF GUIDELINES WERE USED WHEN HE COMPILED THE 5 MAJOR BOOKS OF SPIRITISM? How do we know that the Spirit communications used to compile the Codification are true? Following are the main quotes from the Introduction of THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SPIRITISM.

    How does one know if a message from spirit is true? How does one determine truth? In this day and age there are many voices crying out “We have the truth!” The big question is, “How does one determine a truth from a lie?”

    A) The Spiritist Codification (the Doctrine or the New Revelation) came about through CONCORDANCE among the Spirits, and not from one solitary source:

    "]Doctrine cannot be determined by one person[/b]. There must be concordance when it comes to doctrine.

    “If the Spirits who have revealed it had manifested to only one person, nothing would guarantee its origin.” [/b]

    “God has entrusted the Spirits with taking it (the Message) from one pole to the other and manifesting themselves everywhere without giving anyone the exclusive privilege of hearing their word.”[/b]

    “…one individual can be made to disappear, but multitudes cannot be; books can be burned, but the Spirits cannot be; hence, if all the books were burned, the source of the Doctrine would not be any less inexhaustible for the very reason that it is not of the earth.”[/b]

    “…the universality of the Spirits’ teaching is what comprises Spiritism’s power….thousands of voices are making themselves heard simultaneously at all points of the earth, proclaiming the same principles and transmitting them to both the most unlearned and the most learned so that no one may be disinherited.”[/b]

    QUESTION: Can you think of any ‘revelation’ or religion that began from the word of one solitary individual?[/b]

    A) If Spirits don’t know all of the truth (but are evolving upwards as we all are) then how do we determine what is true and untrue in their words?

    “....spirits are far from being in possession of the whole truth individually…[/b]for anything that is outside the exclusively moral teaching, the revelations that each one may obtain will have an individual character lacking authenticity…. “

    “The first test is undoubtedly that of REASON. Any theory in obvious contradiction to common sense, strict logic and the hard evidence that one possesses in spite of any respectable name that may have signed the communication, must be rejected.”[/b]

    “…what do those who do not have absolute faith in themselves do? (i.e. if one is not sure of the truth of a communication). THEY TAKE THE ADVICE OF THE GREATEST NUMBER AND THE OPINION OF THE MAJORITY AS THEIR GUIDE. Thus it should be with respect to the teachings of spirits, who themselves furnish us the means.”[/b]


    “The only true guarantee for spirits’ teachings is in the overall agreement amongst revelations made spontaneously through a large number of mediums unknown to one other and in several places.” QUESTION: Can you think of any revelation you have been given through more than one medium that appeared to be a harmonious/concordant message?[/b]

    “…when a new principle is to be revealed, it is taught SPONTANEOUSLY in different places at the same time in an identical manner.”[/b]

    “It is not because a principle has been taught to us that it is the truth, but because it has received the sanction of concordance.”[/b]

    “The principle of concordance is, moreover, a guarantee against any alterations that may be inflicted on Spiritism by sects that would like to appropriate it to their own advantage and accommodate it to their own means.”[/b]

    “…frivolous spirits concern themselves little with the truth and respond to anything. It is for this reason that, on the issue of premature questions, there are always contradictory answers.” [/b]NOTE: lower spirits will answer any question. Higher Spirits will not answer if they don’t know the answer, or will at least say “This is only my opinion.” ALSO: higher Spirits may say that they know, but are not allowed to answer at that time.

    “…that if one spirit says one thing somewhere, while millions of spirits say the opposite everywhere else, the presumption of the truth cannot lie with the one who is alone or nearly alone in its opinion.”[/b]

    “It is not around the opinion of any one individual that others will rally, but around the unanimous voice of the Spirits: It is not one individual- and no more us than anyone else- who will found Spiritist orthodoxy; neither is it one spirit coming to impose itself upon whomever it wishes; it is the universality of the Spirits, communicating throughout the earth at God’s orders; this is the essential character of the Spiritist Doctrine- its power and authority. God has willed for the divine law to be sealed upon an unshakable base and that is why God did not rest it upon the fragile head of only one person.”[/b]

    FOOT NOTE: It’s interesting to note that the Spirits chose to communicate to the Fox Sisters in 1848 in Hydesville, NY. It was in that year, and through the Fox sisters that Spiritualism swept the globe. Allan Kardec began his research because of his interest in Spiritualism. The reason I find the date 1848 interesting is this: the Spirits manifested themselves approx.. 100 years before the advent of modern comuter technology; before the wide use of telephones and telegraph, etc. SO THAT SPONTANEOUS ARISE OF MEDIUMS AND HEIR MESSAGES THAT WERE SENT TO THE SPIRITIST HEAD-QUARTERS IN FRANCE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN A UNIFIED HOAX DONE THROUGH MASS COMMUNICATION (AT LEAST HUMAN MASS COMMUNICATION). IT WAS CERTAINLY DONE VIA MASS COMMUJNICATION, BUT IT WAS SPIRIT COMMUNICATION THAT CAUSED THE SUDDEN EXPLOSION OF UNIFIED MESSAGES SENT TO ALLAN KARDEC IN FRANCE. Also, IF THE COMMUNICATION HAD BEEN DONE EARLIER, THE SPIRITIST CODIFICATION WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN READILY AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC DUE TO THE HIGH EXPENSE OF PRINTING, ETC. PRIOR TO THIS ERA.


    One may ask, “What is the importance of the SPIRITIST CODIFICATION? What’s the big deal?” The big deal is this: the Spiritist Codification gives Spiritualism and Spiritism a Holy Writ; and unified, tested code of doctrine. Those Spiritualist and Spiristist groups that believe the SPIRITIST CODIFICATION to be the Tome of Orthodoxy will not be deceived by Lone Voices attempting to splinter the unity found by those who rally around the Spiritist Codification.


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    Re: Why the Spiritist Codification?

    Post  SpiritVoices on Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:20 am

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