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    A night of sleep/sleeplessness


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    A night of sleep/sleeplessness

    Post  millergrls on Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:55 am

    I am not quite sure what happened to me last night. I closed down really well before I went to bed, then of course I went to bed. It was so weird.....it was like I was sleeping but I wasn't. It was more like I was in a meditative state until I just got up. I was totally aware of everything going on around me. It was like my mind was in overdrive but my body was asleep. Thousands of voices were running through my head, thoughts and pictures all at once. I don't even remember anything of what was said there were so many. My body was vibrating and no matter what I did, especially on top of my head. There there was a cold tingling almost itching feeling and it felt like it was swirling. No matter how much I asked to be allowed to sleep, no matter how many more times I set a protection it didn't matter. I heard in my head "being programmed" I am being programmed from what? Has anybody experienced anything like this? It was sort of like I had a seven hour meditation. During this time I also had stomach cramps, I never get stomach cramps even though they really didn't hurt. I was totally relaxed but aware and I really don't feel at all that tired this morning. The only thing I notice is that this morning I have an enormosly huge headache that hurts all of my head. It has been awhile sense I have had a headache. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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    Re: A night of sleep/sleeplessness

    Post  Violet on Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:57 pm

    Hi Mary, I don't particularly like the sound of 'being programmed' as it suggests you have no control over your own self, this should not happen with any form of mediumship or psychic work unless you are giving yourself up for trance and this should be done ONLY under the watchful eye of a very experienced medium and the presence of your guide.  It sounds like you were being overloaded and bombarded especially if you woke up with a headache, I don't know if you are aware of your guide or not but regardless please ask any guides/helpers to keep spirits back when you are trying to rest, be quite firm.

    The stomach cramps may have been impressed on you from a spirit, do you know of anyone who passed with a stomach complaint?

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    Re: A night of sleep/sleeplessness

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