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    Soaring Birds Wand Consecration Guide

    Soaring Bird

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    Soaring Birds Wand Consecration Guide

    Post  Soaring Bird on Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:10 pm

    For those with the experience seeking to take that next step and perform thier own wand consecration, feel free to use this Ritual as a guidelineI performed. This is for the solo Witch\ Wiccan\Spiritualist although could be adapted for a group.
    Consecrating My Wand

    Light the incense on the Alter,

    Light the God and Goddess candles.

    “Divine Source, Gods and Goddesses, I thank you for my being, I thank you for I am. I offer this wand to you for the purpose of good. To channel your energies through me into this wand for the good of all others.

    May you help me use this wand wisely and well.”

    “Spirit Guides, I thank you for your guidance through each and every day, I thank you for your guidance in each and every way. I call upon you now to witness and protect this wand consecration ritual.”

    Open up and channel the energies into your hands. Consecrate the wand with the elements by passing it through them;

    “Incense smoke; May this smoke act as thy clean spirit,

    Flame ; May this fire be the power of this wand,

    Water ; May the water control the power of this wand,

    Earth ; May Mother Earth be the grounding of this wand.”

    Hold the wand and channel the energy through your hands into the wand and right to the tip draw the Invoking Pentagram of Fire above the Elemental Alter.

    Visualize it as long as you can then draw the banishing pentagram withdrawing the energy back into your wand.

    Thank the Divine Source, Gods and Goddesses for their assistance also the Spirit Guides for their protection and witnessing of this ceremony.

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