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    Soaring Birds Full Moon Ritual Guide

    Soaring Bird

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    Soaring Birds Full Moon Ritual Guide

    Post  Soaring Bird on Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:04 pm

    For those with the experience seeking to take that next step and perform thier own rituals, feel free to use this Full Moon Ritual as a guidelineI performed in the year 2007. This is for the solo Witch\ Wiccan\Spiritualist although could be adapted for a group.

    Full Moon Rituals 2007-03-05


    Central Moon Candle, Mirror (If no visible Moon)

    Incense, 2 Alter Candles, 4 Quarter Candles,4 Moon candles

    Spells ; Chalice, Theban Spell,

    Light Incense.

    Center and Ground oneself. Perform three oms.

    Light the Lord and Lady;s candles.

    Call the Lady and Lord to join the Circle.

    “Lady of the Night, Mistress of the day,

    Please hear the call of your son, Soaring Bird,

    Woman please watch as I lay.

    This Circle of Power

    Great Hunter, Father, Son and Lover,

    Hear my call if you will,

    Man of Eternity, Watch over,

    The Circle of Power”

    Take a moment to feel their presence. When you feel their presence begin to cast your circle.

    Using Incense as fire and air walk your circle deosil. Then place your incense back on the Alter. (Chanting Lady Of The Moon)

    Join the salt and water together in one bowl saying, “In Reverence”

    Present it over the Alter then walk deosil asperging it lightly to cast the edges of your circle.

    Return to the Alter and replace the bowl.

    With finger \ wand cast your circle.

    “Be thee cast,Circle.

    As I walk thy boundaries

    So do you hold my power.

    Set me apart from the World of Man,

    Make me apart form the realm of spirit,

    Hold me between the worlds as I work my magick”

    Return to the Alter and salute the East.

    Starting from the East proceed to light the candles and make your quarter calls proceeding deosil and lighting every candle.

    “Spirit and Guardian of the East,

    I do call you to my circle,

    Do thou watch from the East and keep me safe,

    Witness my workings and lend me thy aid,

    Thou Guardian of the East”

    Repeat this for South, West and North.

    Chant, “We are a circle,

    Within a circle,

    With no beginning,

    And never ending”

    Light the Northern Moon candle to the mirror\moon and state,

    “Thus we do light the circle of the moon”

    Continue in the same way moving deosil until all candle s are lit.

    Focus on the mirror\moon and say;

    “Goddess of the Moon, Hecate,Silver Mother, Come to full increase, enter those who seek your inspiration and healing light.

    Chant ; “Lady Of The Moon, Lady of the Moon, Come to us, be with us, Lady of the Moon”

    “See” the Moons light become a sphere of light encompassing the circle.

    At this point there is silence and stillness. Absorbing the energy. Then one by one speak words of wisdom.

    When this is done sit till ready in the moons light\candle light.

    Then Thank the Lord and Lady for joining us;

    “Thank you Lord for watching over me and showing your presence here tonight”

    “Thank you Lady for watching over me and showing your presence here tonight”

    and dowse the candles;

    Then while dowsing the Moon candles state;

    “may the light remain within as the circle is uncast without”

    Then working widdershins from the North Quarter candle dowse the candles one by one stating each time;

    “Fare thee well, Thank you for guarding my sacred space”

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    Re: Soaring Birds Full Moon Ritual Guide

    Post  Violet on Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:19 pm

    Thanks for sharing these :asmile:

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