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    Our Disciplinary Action Policy


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    Our Disciplinary Action Policy

    Post  Violet on Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:37 am

    Our Disciplinary Action Policy

    Any Disciplinary Action will remain private between staff and the member concerned.

    Level One DA
    This is for relatively minor things such as swearing, (which will be edited out without notice initially, we all slip up from time to time,) if it becomes a regular occurance then a polite pm will be sent.

    Level Two DA
    This is for repeated minor offences or things such as escalating disagreements/arguments, in this instance a pm will be sent to both parties, and serious arguements will be removed from the forum.

    Level Three DA
    This is for very serious offences, such as the abuse of other members or our facilities, or the continuation of lesser offences after recieving levels one and two.

    A Ban
    Depending on the severity of individual cases, bans will be served at the admins discretion, temporary bans will be applied initially when all else has failed, which will lead to a permanent ban should the behaviour continue on the member's return. Discrimmination or the abuse of another's race, religion, sexuality, disabilty etc will not be tolerated.

    Instant Ban - No Warnings
    Spammers will be banned instantly as will anyone posting graphic sexual images or links to such material.

    Naturally this is only a rough outline of our policies, bans are a last resort and are not undertaken lightly.
    Remember too that just because you don't see any evidence of wrongdoing, does not mean that it doesn't exist, it does, staff act quickly and it is kept from the forum as much as we possibly can, we also like to give every member a fair chance after any wrongdoing which is why DA is kept private.

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