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    Zoltar and Soda Caps?

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    Zoltar and Soda Caps?

    Post  Spiritualtwinlover on Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:53 pm

    I've been going through a stringent and difficult time lately, and for a while I was feeling very sad, lonely and hopeless as if God himself had abandonded me (which I know is a silly feeling but all the same). I was at the Sacramento State Fair with my family a few weeks ago at the toy exposition and there stood a Zoltar Fortune Telling machine. All of us (there were about 5 and to keep in mind as well, there were HUNDREDS of people at this expo) got out a dollar each and recieved a fortune each. I was the last in line to recieve mine. When the doll started speaking, I had little interest and was very much just participating for the fun of it, but then...everything changed. It was like the doll was speaking directly TO me. As if it truly knew what my ordeal was and it kept saying things like, "Don't give up" which is in direct opposition to what friends and family have been telling me to do for the past few months. Then it stopped, spit out my fortune card and I took a look at the print on the little yellow paper- I nearly fainted. The entire thing hit so close to home, it was almost like that very card was made for me and no one else. Even the fortune depicted a wish I have had ever since I've undergone this sadness. A week or so later, I went to a friends house and bought a Jones soda on the way. When I took off the cap and looked at the message at the bottom, it was like the Zoltar fortune, but abbreviated to a simple sentence. I haven't recieved anything else lately...but I'm just wondering...are these signs in my life and are they trying to deliver the message of hope to me that I've been long awaiting? I don't believe in coincidences...but still...

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    Re: Zoltar and Soda Caps?

    Post  gilly on Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:46 pm


    The first thing I must say is that I do not believe in 'coincidence'.

    We all have spirit guides and helpers -of that I am sure!

    The problem is 'listening' to them? connecting with them in a meaningful way?

    I learned the hard way that they do not speak(they have no voice box) so our listening is not with our ears!

    Sometimes our guides use other ways to communicate--I really think this is what has happened here--fortune telling dolls I do not believe in--but intervention of a fortune telling doll by a guide-YES!

    Go back over what has been given to you and try to figure it out. Do you meditate? In meditation we can 'link' with our guides and they with us.



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    Re: Zoltar and Soda Caps?

    Post  feather on Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:55 am

    When you see things happens like this, you are truly aware of being in the 'flow'...the energy of the answer is a match to the thoughts that instigated it....and some might say it is the answer your guides or angels send to you in response to your wishes or prayers.

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    Re: Zoltar and Soda Caps?

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