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    Does The Being of Light have a Multiple Personality?


    Spirit Guide

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    Does The Being of Light have a Multiple Personality?

    Post  Spirit Guide on Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:32 pm

    Dear members of the Forum,

    When I was about twenty years old,I read a small pocket book:"The Minds of Billy Milligan".
    This was the story of the treatment of a man with a multiple personality disorder.I was moved to tears and all I wanted was to get involved with someone with DID TO Learn what it was like to have DID.
    Even before I met someone with DID for the first time,I realised,that the most important thing about this condition is the confusion and the suffering of the people experiencing it.
    Sometimes it was difficult for me to keep my mental balance in the face of so many traumatic experiences.
    In the course of these experiences,I started to wonder about the similarity between Near Death Experiences and people with a multiple personality.
    One woman describing her NDE said:"I heard the voice of God,but,strangely enough,it was like hearing my own voice too".
    The alter personalities of someone with DID do not consider themselves to be part of one and the same personality.But that is exactly,what they are.
    If they hurt one of the others,they hurt themselves,because they are all part of one personality.
    In a similar vein,if the Syrian government attacks the population they,to some extent,attack themselves.
    Because we too are all part of one and the same Personality:The radiant Being of Light we all meet after death.
    The Being of Light loves us unconditionally,because,in fact,we are one with the Being of Light.
    I hope,that I will someday meet The Being of Light,without having to die.
    I would like to ask him/her many,very many questions..........

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    Re: Does The Being of Light have a Multiple Personality?

    Post  SpiritVoices on Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:35 pm

    I feel I know of someone who fits that description.
    Would be interested to read more about this subject.
    Thank you.


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    Re: Does The Being of Light have a Multiple Personality?

    Post  mac on Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:34 pm

    However you see this 'being of light' it's not the same form as humankind (or a person) and does not have either one personality or indeed multiple ones.....

    When humankind speaks of the source - God or whatever noun you choose - there's a tendency to speak in terms of a person, often a male one. Move away from human conditioning and you may find you can 'see' the living world and the creator of all there is, living or inanimate, in a totally different light.

    You won't ever meet the creator until you've evolved spiritually to an almost identically similar level by which time you'll have all the answers to the questions you wish you could ask now! Between then and now you will find pieces of the answers in many ways, perhaps spread over multiple incarnations, perhaps in other ways.

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    Re: Does The Being of Light have a Multiple Personality?

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