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    Astrology and the seven rays


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    Astrology and the seven rays

    Post  tigerthescorpion on Sat May 12, 2012 7:17 am

    What is your experience with the seven rays in astrology? I actually came across the idea of the seven rays through reading about Ascended Masters teachings, and then through Doreen Virtue. You will notice that in her system, and those of most Ascended Masters movements, the 2nd ray is the Wisdom of God and the 3rd ray is the Love of God. But according to Bailey, and in esoteric astrology, the 2nd ray is Love-Wisdom and the 3rd is "Active Intelligence." The two systems don't add up.

    My problem is that the prior system speaks to me on a deeper level, but the latter seems to be the one used in astrology. I don't want to abandon the first system because it speaks more to me, and I don't know how to reconcile this. I've considered that perhaps that both are true, and that each apply to a different level or plane, thus each is applied for a different purpose. But I see no precedence for this, in fact I can't find any resource that acknowledges the discrepancies!

    What do you think? Do you use the seven rays in astrological interpretations? Do you prefer either system? How do you reconcile the two? What do you think about the accuracy of this method, and are there any books or teachers you would suggest?

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    Re: Astrology and the seven rays

    Post  Violet on Sat May 12, 2012 10:34 pm

    Hi Kacey unfortunately I know nothing about this, hopefully someone else will

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    Re: Astrology and the seven rays

    Post  WhiteStar on Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:33 pm

    Hi Kacey,

    I don’t know anything about the 7 rays of astrology but I got similar situation, I hope it can help you a bit.
    In my case it was the chakra system where I got doubt as I read about different systems and interpretations.
    I worked and still working with the 7 chakra system from the hindu tradition as it is themost common and spoked to me the most,
    but I became aware of the 13 chakra-system of which lateral chakras and some of the main chakra interpretations and locations are different.
    Later I used this also for healing work and it was fine.
    I had to read again and re-learn the chakras and their functions so I just stepped into this new method and accepted this as „ real and legal”.
    Principally it is the same with other methods, too- people work with/ appreciate this or that on the source of personal resonancy.
    I would say you should work with the method or interpretation which feels ok for you and comforts you.
    If you give a chance staying neutral or even you are open for new possibilites probably you get soon your own answer and overcome your confusion. Whitestar

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    Re: Astrology and the seven rays

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