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    You know you REALLY need to be with your partner when.....


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    You know you REALLY need to be with your partner when.....

    Post  Carolyn on Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:00 pm

    You astral travel to be together.

    I've been 220 miles from Adam for 14 days today.... I know, its only 2 weeks but this has been the most.....emotional time - signed my divorce papers to finally be rid of the husband I was married to for 17 yrs, the one I wrote about in the e-book who was just....Islamic, controlling, violent....Adams working where hes at, still in his first 60 days of this job so he couldn't take off to be with me. Well, last Wednesday I had the worst fit of just, depression, emotion - the weight of it hit me. I went to sleep crying. I woke up Thursday morning at about 3 am, after a dream that lasted MAYBE 2 seconds. And all it was - was of Adam sliding our purple mixing bowl (full of sliced bananas) across the carpet (of the house I've been camped out in for the last 2 weeks). I remember seeing his arm and hand so clearly and then his face peek out at me from the pitch blackness that I jumped up and tried to grab his arm. I actually woke up grabbing the leg of the table next to me! It wasn't just a dream. That was VIVID.....lucid vivid....

    I'm more than happy to report that the divorce is finalized, and I am on the bus going home Sunday morning! I'll be home to begin the rest of my life by Sunday evening!

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    Re: You know you REALLY need to be with your partner when.....

    Post  Violet on Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:40 pm

    Carolyn, I think if you want to reach out to a loved one enough, the spirit will find a way, as yours and Adams did, I wish you both well on the beginning of your new life together.

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