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    The High Priestess


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    The High Priestess

    Post  Moonwise on Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:06 pm

    :astar: Arguably one of the most magickal cards of the major arcana the next character the fool meets is the high priestess.
    card speaks of the inherent strengh there is in being female and the
    strengh and knowledge and wisdom that one can achieve in becoming close
    to ones feminine side whether you are male or female.
    this card serves as a reminder that knowledge is what one knows, while wisdom is how one applies knowledge to ones life.
    card is very much the sister card to the magician, while he teaches
    'outer skills' and crafts, tricks and talents. She teaches the
    importance of the inner journey, listening to ones inner voice and the
    growing wisdom that sprouts from reflection.
    He is the sun and light and the outer realms, she is inner darkness, and intuition that comes from the moon.
    ancestors knew the strengh that came from woman hood the women where
    worshiped at the time of their menstruation, which usually coincided
    with the moon phases as being most magickal and intuitive.
    while in
    the west periods are not still classed as being dirty by most, they are
    disregarded and seen as a nuisense and at best seen as something that
    should be kept secret by most.
    But never by witches, witches know the power that comes from the feminine within and celebrate.
    card teaches that whether you are a man or a woman now has come the
    time to trust your inner feelings about a situation, you can no longer
    disregard your true feelings if you want to keep your self safe.
    you have the knowledge so use it wisely in your everyday life.
    card bodes well for your spiritual and religious life, you are on an
    enlightened path! remember you do not have to be completely open about
    everything you do, silence is golden, unless you know that people
    really want to learn, keep your precious knowledge hidden fir those
    that deserve it.

    In the mythic set the High priestess shows the
    goddess Persephone learning about her hidden side, in the kingdom of
    Hades. although all may seem dark, the sunlight is strong at the top of
    the staircase waiting for her to come back and share her wisdom with
    the rest of the world

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    Re: The High Priestess

    Post  Violet on Sat Aug 22, 2009 11:27 pm

    Thanks for this Cauldron :hugz:

    Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

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