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    The Magician

    Post  Moonwise on Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:00 pm

    A Helpful friend or a trickster???

    The magician card is the first card of the major arcana, the fool being card zero.

    is commonly a man who stands before a table proudly displaying his
    ritual tools, although like all the cards it is not difficult to find a
    female version of this if you would prefere.

    This is the fools
    first lesson in spirituality, and like a lot of lessons it begins with
    learning outer skills, the fool will learn the inner and deeper
    meanings of spirituality later.

    this card has a lot of outer
    masculine energy, and it shows that a person can lrean to do anything
    they like if they put their minds to it and are disciplined enough to
    concentrtrate on the lessons at hand.

    On the magicians table he
    has the penticle,atheme, cup and wand, to train as a magickal user one
    has often got to start with the outer world useing the tools of the
    trade as instruments to home ones skills, it is often later that one
    realises that there is a lot more to explore and that true skills and
    talents do not come from ones tools but rather from deep inside, but it
    is a good place to start.

    this shows the promise of a new caree,
    pasttime or other adventure that the person is becoming involued in and
    feels that they are good at it bodes well for development in this area
    the time has come to study but at some point one has to leave study
    behind to develope further but that time is not yet here.

    person should be aware that they have a lot of charisma, people will be
    attracted to them and could become a powerful leader. be careful of ego
    has a leader has to be true and honest and shouldn't be tempted to be a
    leader for just leaders sake.

    This card can also show someone
    that will provide an interesting and exciting encounter and will show
    how to develope new skills.
    the difficulty is, is there anything
    left to this person if the tricks are taken away. does the magick guide
    one to something deeper, or is this person simply a dime store magick
    trickster with just the illusion of power- beware!!!

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