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    About Aries 21st Mar - 20th Apr


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    About Aries 21st Mar - 20th Apr

    Post  Violet on Wed Feb 18, 2009 12:55 am


    Aries - The Ram
    Element - Fire
    Colour - Red
    Planet - Mars

    This is the first sunsign of the zodiac,and as such it's little wonder that Ariens tend to have such great leadership qualities.
    Ariens are generally enthusiastic, positive and independent, though occasionally they can be quite ruthless too.
    Ariens tend to have lots of personality, energy and a great sense of adventure, they are also quick to anger, though they don't usually hold grudges.
    They are usually very direct and honest, don't ask an Arien whether 'your bum looks big in this' as they will tell you, whether you really want to know or not;)
    Aries is believed to rule the head and neck

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