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    The Fool and his journey (written by myself)


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    The Fool and his journey (written by myself)

    Post  Moonwise on Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:56 pm

    The tarot is split into two separate sets the major arcana and the minor arcana (which I will go into more detail later).
    the major arcana depicts major events and major archetypes that happens in a human beings life.

    What a lot of people don't know is that the major arcana is the fools journey of enlightenment, this is why the number on the classic fool card is zero, the magician is number one and is the first person he meets on his journey, the world is the last card and depicts that the fool has become fully enlightened, at which point he starts his journey over again and becomes the fool once more.

    this isn't just rebirth it suggests that we never stop learning.

    To read the tarot one shouldn't just learn the meanings of the card from a text book, we should look at them and take the fools journey and think about what each stage means to you, walk the journey in the fools boots experience the journey of enlightenment and maybe heal a little along the way!

    before looking at this link!

    Imagine you are at the start of a great journey, you know nothing, tell me how you feel!
    if you can get into this mindset, you will have learnt what the first card means!

    notice I'm not saying 'imagine your the fool' because the word fool has negative connotations for a lot of people and in its self the fool card is not negative

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    Re: The Fool and his journey (written by myself)

    Post  Moonwise on Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:58 pm

    Did you know that the major arcana cards starting at card one (commonly
    the magician) to card 21 (commonly the world) mark the fools spiritual
    journy from innocence and all that entails to enlightenment. in which
    cause the traveler becomes the fool again waiting to start the journey

    thus the fool card is zero.

    the fool card is an
    exciting card to find in a spread, very linked to cards like death, the
    tower and the world. one has been through the ending and all the
    difficulties and up hevels that may entail and is now fresh and ready
    to start a new.

    commonly the fool card shows a young brightly
    dressed childlike person gailey, but dangerously near a cliff edge with
    a dog yapping or sometimes tugging at the persons clothing in an
    attempt to remind the fool that s/he is about to step off. the fool is
    usually so busy in their own world that they don't realise that there
    is danger lurking in the sunny and bright day.

    the fool
    represents all of us when we start a new, in a new enviroment, new
    project or new relationship of some kind, its very exciting but we may
    not notice the pit falls or in this case the cliff falls! until its too
    the dog represents our ego, that part of use that advises
    caution in new situations that part of us that warns us to 'look before
    we leap'.
    and often that part of us that we blantatly ignore and live to regret it.

    fool card also teaches us the important lesson to be like a child, are
    we so caught up in the problems and responsibilities of life (and this
    applies at any age even to children) that we have forgotton to be the
    child, children heal quicker than adults, do you allow yourself to be

    sometimes in asking about the wisdom in a situation
    the fool warns us to be careful of being the fool. don't lend the money
    until you are sure you'll get it back, don't leave your lover for a
    younger model unless you are sure you can trust that person.

    said this the fool in a spread is usually a postive card and brings
    excitment and magic and also danger which, lets face it is exciting too.

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    Re: The Fool and his journey (written by myself)

    Post  shayn on Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:16 am

    thanks for sharing.
    personly i think there is much more into the fool card and i agree it is a very interesting and exciting card to reveice, still i;m sure we can say this about most of the tarot cards.
    and yes the tarot cards are the stroy of the fool his path and learning along the way, this is also why the fool very often represnt the questioner, as the one who is asking the question is the one who needs to learn and grow.

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    Re: The Fool and his journey (written by myself)

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