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    The Tale of the Book Store Trip = New Deck


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    The Tale of the Book Store Trip = New Deck

    Post  Lynn on Sat Aug 27, 2011 9:34 pm


    For Sunday Church discussion I went in search of a "General" discription for a Lightworker that would ring on the level of Metaphysics. I came to find Doreen Virtue's site....and how she put it forth made sense to me in how I would put it forth....but I wanted "noteable" words to share. That in a very round about way lead's into the Book Store.

    I went in search of a book for a friend....and I first tired the USED book store...no luck so I went to the new "Spiritual" book store accross the road and that book is due in on order Monday for stock....so that was a bonus. While I was there with them looking it up for me....I was drawn to the shelf of Tarot and Oracle Cards.....not wanting a deck at all. Not knowing too they had cards there at all. To see the deck with the picture on it that I used for what I was going to present. The cards are Doreen Virtue "Archangle Oracle Cards ", not really noting I had them in hand.....I looked at what was there as many ask me about where to get cards. They found a "Hand Book" companion to the book I wanted so I was going to pay for that and realized I had those cards in me hand too. I was like hmmmm I guess I will have these too....

    Now for me Archangles are not really me....but I do know and respect there is a power to them.....open to change always and to guidance I be given.

    I got them home....and right off a friend says I want a reading...I was like OK ....as the meaning is on them with the book having deeper meanings I was impressed. I hit on exactly what he needed to hear. It seem a TOOL given to me to work with the intiutions I have....and again give one's the "Physical" image they need to see in a reading.....and a connection to a higher source ( that being the Archangel ) .

    Its funny how cards so CHOOSE us....oh and odder that it seems that the Reiki Master Teacher I have also has those cards . ( Told me I was given one of the hardest to work with ) hmmmm. I have now had two other's tell me that too.

    Willing to do readings with them....answer a specific question or try a deeper level reading. Having sucesses there it seems...

    ODD thing is though I find I get rather "Warm" reading them....I know its energy but has anyone had this happen to them. ?


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    Re: The Tale of the Book Store Trip = New Deck

    Post  Violet on Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:06 pm

    Hi Lynn I sometimes get warmth with a reading so I know what you mean there, I think I have that deck too I will take a closer look at them though it is very rare I use Doreen Virtues cards.

    It is strange how cards seem to find us a lot this has happened to me too

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