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    If You'd Like to Offer Readings ~ Guidelines


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    If You''d Like to Offer Readings ~ Guidelines

    Post  Violet on Tue May 19, 2009 2:08 am

    In the first instance please contact me via pm.
    There are two options for giving readings from this forum.

    This is where you can set up a thread and offer readings to our members for practice only. I feel this is really helpful to those who are just starting out, and to those who have maybe become a little rusty (like myself.) When you pm me I will set up a thread for you explaing that this is what the thread is for, please state in your initial pm whether you will be doing mediumship readings, cards or using some other tools.
    This option is for the more experienced reader, though we do have to add the disclaimer, again please contact me va pm so I can set your thread up for you.
    Guidelines for all of our readers:

    • Firstly thank you for offering your services here.
    • Please do not make any predictions of death or illness.
    • If members become problematic, please contact admin immediately.
    • If you become overwhelmed with requests or need time out for any reason please pm me so I can mark you 'inactive' and if necessary lock the thread.

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