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    A Little Clarity...


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    A Little Clarity...

    Post  Violet on Mon May 18, 2009 1:56 am

    Many confuse spirituality with Spiritualism, being spiritual doesn't make you a Spiritualist.
    Spiritualism is a recognised religion and Spiritualists are people from any walk of life who follow the seven principles of Spiritualism and, if they choose to, attend the Spiritualist Church.
    Again this becomes confusing because ALL are welcome at a Spiritualist church, you do not have to be a Spiritualist to attend, neither does regular attendance automatically make you a Spiritualist. You may also be a Spiritualist who follows the seven principles but doesn't attend the church. This is ok too.
    Spirituality is a way of life not a religion.
    You may have heard the term 'Spiritualist medium' what this means is a medium who is also a Spiritualist, not all mediums are Spiritualists, many never enter a Spiritual Church and may not even be aware of the seven principles and yet they work with spirit all the same.
    These are, as I understand them, the differences between spirituality and Spiritualism.

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    Re: A Little Clarity...

    Post  Raven on Sat May 23, 2009 5:24 am

    That's good to know and it doesn't surprise me so many can confuse the two. Especially seeing as that information hasn't always been readily available. It's usually always been more main stream religions that's readily available rather then spiritualism going from experience

    I admit even I get confused sometimes but I would have to say I'm more spiritual rather then being a Spiritualist and even then I'm probably not even that spiritual at times. I think it depends on my life phases, with where I'm at.

    Even so it's good to have some clarification :asmile:

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