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    Walking Meditations?


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    Walking Meditations?

    Post  Violet on Sun May 01, 2011 11:51 pm

    Does anyone do this?

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    walking meditation

    Post  guidinglight on Mon May 02, 2011 12:15 am

    Violet wrote:Does anyone do this?
    Hi Violet
    I walk along the beach to clear my head and i find it allows me to get into that space and relaxation for my mind to turn off and become one with myself, i find many ways to meditate where my mind can shut off certain things and that nice peace of mind and connection to my higher self and guides can drift in when they are ready to i just pick a place or someone i would like to be with in that place and allow myself to be how i want to be in that time of inner peace of mind.
    Meditation is after all finding your own way to relax your mind and body and allowing yourself to go within your own little world for insight, guidance, connection to your guides, connecting as one with yourself, relaxation, inner peace, clearing any cobwebs or anything you need to do for yourself to find that ultimate inner quiet and special place you want to be with yourself or with another, i think its great that we can do that for ourselves and just get away from all the madness at times and be in the perfect space we want to be .
    Practise makes perfect to clear your mind to meditate and finding your own way to do that will just happen for you whether its gardening, ironing, walking, taking a shower or bath, sewing, knitting, whatever allows your mind to be free of everyday things so you can allow yourself to just be in a space where you find your own little bit of complete inner peace.

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    Re: Walking Meditations?

    Post  Lynn on Mon May 02, 2011 3:17 am


    Yes all the time. If things are not comfortable I simply STEP OUT. I so had to do that today even in Church. The negatiity there today was so thick one could have cut it with a knife. Much of that was directed at me. I too know its all energy and it will pass in time. So I simply stepped out. I went for an Astral Walk, to stay would have meant that I would have become physically sick to me tummy. Even now that is surging there up and down as I work to ground and clear.

    Its a useful tool that one can access in times of stress too it keeps me from lashing out as man temptations are there at times and that is SO not whom I be or what I be, now that was not always the case. I know all too well the BITE of Karma.


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    Re: Walking Meditations?

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