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    Contacting the Guides of Other's being Living or Ghost


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    Contacting the Guides of Other's being Living or Ghost

    Post  Lynn on Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:05 am


    Violet posed this as a question and I will start it off from the experiences I have along these lines.

    With the living I have talked with their Guide's and have even had them present to me what they look like and on rare occations even interact with me. This is of course done on the utmost levels of trust first from the Guide then from the person I am talking too or I do not feel it would work.

    What happens quite often is that a friends Wolf Guide will come to me in protection for me. I do not ask for him sent to me nor am I at times aware he be there. What one's often say to me that can "see" with the 6th sense is that there is a "Wolf" that overlays me. They know he is there for protection of me and know well to respect that.

    I too have other friends that have their Animal Guides come to me, and at times one even will be felt with me and wonder around me a bit. Likes to wonder where the body is warmer :blush: . Its all good. Too me Guides will visit other's openly showing their image and at times via me giving a message out. If I need to be protected some it is noted that feeling is very much understood and respected.

    I have with me as well a Spirit that was me in a past life. He too is protection for me and will show himself openly. At times in a very LOVing way as we were LOVers. Its not uncommon for him to be with me in Church and other's see him there. Some are a bit taken back a Black Knight is standing with me but the feeling is that of peace. If I am threated in any way the lance wil lower. Too at times his beast ( horse ) is seen with him. Free to go and come he is shared in knowlege with Nicholas that was with us in that past life.

    I have other's around me from time to time that are in Spirit that have been with me since childhood or when I was a teen, they too at times show their image and some I channel messages from. Father Paul be one. He was assigned to me at 13 and we had some wonderous discussions as I went along the Satanic path for a time. When that path ended he was free to go from me and not come back but stays as he says I intrique him and I so LOVe to debate. He has spoken through me in Church.

    I have not thought to talk a Ghosts Guide when I come to work with them and cross them over. I do call on mine for protections in doing that work but never oddly have thought to call in theirs and see if they be there for them. Many times I do have family from the one I am working with there with me to help. Guides I guess in many ways they be.

    Like with all things its done with the utmost trust and respects on all level to make sure nothing is altered in a negative way.


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    Re: Contacting the Guides of Other's being Living or Ghost

    Post  Violet on Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:38 pm

    Interesting post Lynn I will come back to this asap

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