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    Creating a Space


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    Creating a Space

    Post  Violet on Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:33 pm

    Creating a Space
    I think it's really important to create a small personal space if you plan to meditate regularly, if you have a spare room that's brilliant, but many don't, if you look around your home though you should be able to find a corner somewhere that you can use, even if it's in your bedroom if you can curtain it off that's even better but if you can't, don't worry.
    I feel it's good to have a firm but comfortable chair, a small music player of any kind and a table on which you can place candles, inscence, flowers or crystals or anything else which is special to you.
    I'd also recommend a light blanket to keep handy especially if it's a cold room.
    Other things i'd suggest are a notebook and pen to record your experiences and a small noiseless clock, (ticking can be very distracting) a 'soft' lamp (low wattage bulb) and a blue bulb can be useful if you intend to send healing during your meditation.

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