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    Exercises to aid Visualisation


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    Exercises to aid Visualisation

    Post  Violet on Wed Feb 18, 2009 12:06 am


    It may help you to have an actual flower to study before you begin or a picture of one.
    When you’re quite comfortable and relaxed begin to visualise a flower, start with the stem, (if you think about a stem, then in the same way I mentioned earlier about the way your mind recalls the image of someone you knew years ago your mind should easily be able to visualise one,) now study it more closely, is it green? Is the stem hard and ‘woody’ or is it soft, does it have thorns or is it downy, and are there any leaves on it? (Doing this should help to ‘build up’ the image and help you to hold the image in your mind.)

    When you’ve visualised the stem begin to visualise a bud, when the bud is there too, visualise it slowly opening, look at the petals, what shape are they, is the flower moist or dry, what colour is it and can you smell it? To begin with you may not ‘see’ it at all or only see a part of it but with practice you may see a little more each time.
    You can use anything you like for this exercise it doesn't have to be a flower, you could visualise your car for example, this may seem very basic but it is good practice.
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