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    What is Kundalini?


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    What is Kundalini?

    Post  Rainbow on Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:15 pm

    First topic message reminder :

    I've just read some bits about this, does anyone know anything about it?

    There is always a bright side to every situation, you just have to look for it.

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    Re: What is Kundalini?

    Post  gigpdo on Thu Jul 06, 2017 12:34 pm

    Quote: ameliorate.

    Yes of course we are all operating from ego most of the time and I am aware of what it does.  However, being spiritually focused, I am centred and in a good place i.e. I experience my spirituality (which is a boon in this difficult time for me) whereas you say you have no spiritual leanings.  So it seems you have the words, the understanding but not the actual experience of going beyond ego then?

    Gigpdo you are being less than honest to gloss over your harsh posts by saying that some members take offence at newbies with different viewpoints.  For instance, scroll up and see how you attacked me in the post above no. 43 e.g. attacking my signature as being useless and going on about it at great lengths (when you didn't even understand what it meant, clearly)! Just like you don't 'get'/understand the teachings of Tolle i.e. not even what he means by the 'now' (which I tried to explain to you).  Luckily, I was not upset since, as stated, I don't have a victim's mentality (something you do not comprehend since you mistakingly think I am wounded).  I replied and corrected your many erroneous perceptions...not for yourself (you may well be a lost cause) but because I am assertive (empowered) and to balance/illuminate the situation for readers here - so at least they have both sides and can make up their own minds.  I am very far from being a sitting duck as you may now realise.

    Perhaps I will understand your take on brotherly love in Philadelphia, where you live, once you show it here......pause for thought maybe?  I am not calling you false - myopic and hypocriticial certainly!  I have been on the spiritual path most of my adult life, i.e. self development, learning from lessons.  By contrast you show little signs of being receptive to altering your closed mindset even when it is made clear how blinkered you are (not just by myself).  Oh well, your choice.

    Your confessed lack of spirituality is marked on such a forum as this and I am tiring of interacting with you since you set yourself up to be in a place of teaching (without the experience) and not receptive to learning.  I may not respond to your future posts so this is to explain why.

    So you see the world different to me do you,you think I am a nasty person who joined this forum just to màke you a victim?
    If you feel like a victim you will be a victim,energy follows thought.

    You say you are spiritually focused,what is that,an adjustment knob on the Pope's binoculars!
    Just what does that mean,spiritually focused,you do not have to answer that,I am quite sure blueanchor will do it for you,or another member,you assure me you are not a victim!,a victim of what if you don't mind me asking!
    Is this what Eckhart Tolle's books have done to people,convinced them that they are victims, and only he can sort that if you buy this new book of his,"How not to be a Victim",oops,nearly forgot " in the now"

    To me a spiritual person does not follow any religious dogma,by force but can  by choice,they are searchers,seekers of truth,but sadly most people would not know the truth if they fell over it!
    And as for ego,well what is this thing ego,you seem to know all about assuming that ego is some tactile thing,something we can all see,especially a great shining light like you,a beacon of spirituality,that's ego!

    Tell me how you go beyond ego,I'm intrigued by that statement,you cannot ever surpass ego,just like you can't live in the now!,the present yes but the now,well no,it does not exist!

    And as for newbies earning their stripes before long posting,well that happens on every forum,but I saw how feishung1986 was treated,for having the nerve to start and write a very long,too long thread about pendulums,I found it to be informative and well written,and it was long,so what,it had a lot of words,but it was treated mostly with derision,for being too long for a newbie,"oh let us get to know you" then you can do that.

    As for your signature,I stand by what I said, "it would,and is useless to a blindman,add deaf too,that way I cover both bases when blueanchor answers for you!

    And exactly what does Eckhart Tolle teach,again,I seem to have forgot,I know by the now,that means "give me your money "now",or maybe, give me your money and I will sell you a new three letter word that means the present!

    Assertive,so it means empowered!, to what end would you need to be empowered, to force your views on other's, that's called being " a standoever merchant"
    We are just faceless words on a screen,what do you need empowerment for,I don't know you,who you are,why need empowerment,its just a lot of words in space,zooming about the atmosphere, this is not a real place,as for me well I am who I say I am,I am nothing,a nobody,a blip on a screen!
    A sitting duck eh,for whom or what,you are a typed word on a screen,you really do think what is on the internet,the screen in front of you is real,its words,well it is to me,just information, some good some bad and some in between.
    Some use these forums as a little earner,floating from forum to forum to sell their wares,psychic readings by email,Skype,mediums selling their wares site to site like old street peddlers and hawkers!
    I feel sorry for the site owners,setting up this type of forum (spiritual) and people joining to drum up business for themselves,I hope they slip the site owner a few bucks/quid's.

    And talking about being blinkered,I would hate to have experienced your life,having to depend on other members here to come to your defence,if you open your mouth then you back it up yourself,not these mysterious "others" you mention above,and you will never reach Philadelphia, not in this or the next ten incarnations,same as Eckhart Tolle,illusion is a funny thing,but it makes some folk very rich by exploiting the weaknesses in others who are susceptible to the snake oil salesmen/women who hang around forums like this.
    And I'm very happy you do not want any more interaction with me,it suits me fine!

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    Re: What is Kundalini?

    Post  Blueanchor on Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:47 pm

    To get to know people seems to be common sense advice. 

    My post is my way of getting to know you.

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    Re: What is Kundalini?

    Post  ameliorate on Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:10 pm

    Blueanchor wrote:To get to know people seems to be common sense advice. 

    My post is my way of getting to know you.
    Good luck with that!   

    I tried with him but, eventually, my patience ran out since I realised I was interacting with someone who is consistently not receptive/open minded, i.e. showed little interest in furthering development of a topic without resorting to being in attack mode e.g. attacking my signature when it wasn't what was being discussed!  It became unnecessarily negative/nasty and so I chose not to waste anymore of my time, or pollute myself with such a person.......    

    Thankfully most members here have a spiritual dimension and so debate in a more congenial/mutually beneficial manner.

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    Re: What is Kundalini?

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