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    Message from Father Paul


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    Message from Father Paul

    Post  Lynn on Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:23 pm

    Before I put fort the message here I will give a bit of background and HOW I came to get this message.
    I knew today for Church I had to do some FILL IN time and it was to be Medium or Channel based as that was the topic. I had NOTHING this AM too I know me well and that if need be I could get up cold and be just fine. Not how things should be done BUT not how maybe it should be done. One's so expect paper in hand as one goes forth to speak.
    So I was sitting here this AM at me computer going over messages I have had come to me and nothing felt just right. I just surrendered it to Spirit and know that what I needed wound be there. In comes Father Paul. A bit about him, he first came to me when I was 13 year's old. He lived in the time of the Crusades a time when Religion and God was just coming into truly being. At 13 I was totally starting to question me faith in God and I had moved from God almost fully. SO I was in no place to hear what Father Paul had to say to me. He though stayed with me off an on coming in over the years.
    Father Paul too joined me a few times in the Chat Room on SF (before the Crash) and would answer questions asked to him IF they were for us to know the answers too. He is amazingly open and well rounded in his thoughts. In the messages he gives. So here I will share in what I got for Church today. The message he had for there and I feel really for other places I wonder.
    Oh and this is funny, I had not read it as when I channel til it be done I have no clue on what I have come to put down.....a friend came into IM and I told him I had just got this message and that I could e mail it to him to read as I was reading it in Church today. I had not read it, but I trusted it was fine. I E Mailed it off to him, and he said it was perfect to read there and very moving and profound.
    Here is the message. I am blessed to have been so given.

    Good day to all.

    This is indeed different for me. I am Father Paul. I usually join in a Chat Room with one’s to answer some questions asked.

    Today I come in but I know that I will be in a room. Very similar to the one I am used to entering. Where you are not all of one House of God but at times of no God. Too I feel that you all know there is a divine Light.

    You so seek to know what comes after death, well simply more life. Yet that seems so hard for so many to accept . WHY ? The body is only one small experience that you as Children of God have. A gift that was given to you all. Embrace fully that gift.

    I look around as I come in and I see that times are different but too times are the same. While it is odd to be in this place where there is no persecution for believing in so many different faiths and Religions yet it all seems ok. I come from a time when one would have met one’s death.

    I look around and I see that the lesson I passed on are still passed on but the way they are taken in has so changed. Gone is a lot of the fear that kept you more on a constant path. The time does not seem to be there in life. Sunday is no longer a day of Worship.

    I get asked on Sin and on Heaven and Hell. Lessons is all to keep man on a constant path to do their very best. YES there are lessons after death to come, but you are all God’s Children. Even if you do not see it as God but as something more. It is all Light.

    Blessing to all that hear this I am and was Father Paul

    I hope all enjoy what I have put here....in Church today it was very well embraced and I was told my many so deep and profound.


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    Re: Message from Father Paul

    Post  Violet on Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:31 pm

    Thanks for sharing Lynn, i'm sure many of us will take something away from that

    Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

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