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    Love & faith

    Post  jasdir on Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:16 pm

    It is not possible to construct a house without foundation. As long as one does not have any love and faith on the lord & his true devotees or the devoted souls, the concentration of the mind is not possible and one fails to succeed in meditation, one may indulge in repetition for twenty hours a day. Rather one may become egoistic. Like an oilman's oxen one sticks to the post despite hard strivings. Thus ways and means to increase the love with the lord & his true devotees or the devoted souls should be adopted.
    It is necessary for that meditator, who wants to get pleasure within that after finishing the job he may indulge himself in repetition. While sitting, standing, moving, eating, drinking, awaking and while sleeping and if possible while working also. Then only, while at practice during night, it is possible to have the concentration. If one keeps oneself busy in gossiping during the day then the concentration of the mind is never possible to have.

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