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    Dream of a rathe friendly black cat...


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    Dream of a rathe friendly black cat...

    Post  Sacred-Star on Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:30 pm

    Hey folks
    Last night I had a dream of a black cat that was more or less behaving like a human. It was coming up to me and was trying to become friends with me. It wanted to give me a massage and heal me; it tried to touch me but I was afraid of it, in the sense that I was afraid of how human this cat was behaving-in my dreams I knew that cats don't behave like humans in real life and this behaviour was freaking me out. It tried to come and shake my hands or touch me but I was wondering what its motives were.
    Initially I was afraid as I wondered if it would attack me and if wether or not it was trying to behave in a human way in order to gain my trust and attack me (the cat was in no way aggresive or deceptive as it was rather friendly and warm, but it was my paranoia that convinved me that it was after me)
    After a little while I let it hug me but was still a little frightened and sceptical over its motives, then it became a bit too much as it kept on hugging me and wanted to heal me, it kept on wanting to stand by me and wrap itself around my body affectionately (a little like how maybe some parents fuss over their children when they are being affectionate and want to hug and kiss them a lot) and it was a bit too much for me. Part of me felt like it was being a little too clingy and after a while its affectionate behaviour got too much and I managed to get away from it, but still it wanted to hug and kiss me and look after me, but I was getting a little sick of all this over-the-top affections.
    Can any folks here help me out please

    Thanks for reading.
    Love and light

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    Re: Dream of a rathe friendly black cat...

    Post  Violet on Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:53 pm

    Hi Sacred-Star, just my thougfhts so please ignore if it doesn't make sense.
    Power animal/spirit guide immediately came to mind and perhaps it was offering you healing because it/they feel you need it?
    A cat behaving like a human would freak me out too, those ads and films with humanised or talking animals spook me.

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