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    My attempt at AP


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    My attempt at AP

    Post  Sacred-Star on Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:28 pm

    Hello all

    I just wanted to ask about AP and the expeirence I have.

    When I've tried I lay in bed and closing my eyes still my mind from random thoughts. I then start to breathe slowly and deeply-noticing my breath.
    I always get to that vibrational state and always feel as if I am moving a little out of my body but then that it where it ends.

    It ends because the friggin rational/logical part of my brain kicks in and I always start to think:

    "Will I be able to feel my clothes when I'm APing?"
    "Will I be able to feel myself breathing when I am APing?"
    "Will I feel cold/hot/warm when I am APing?"
    "Will I be able to hear those birds singing?"

    I also fear moving through flats/houses at night-not because I'm afraid of the dark but because I always think I will go into the rooms/flats/houses of my neighbours but I'm not interested in going to their house/room/flat.

    It's annoying as I want to get rid of the above but the logical/rational part always asks these questions. I try to let go and concentrate on quietening my mind and the vibrations/feeling as if I've come out a little of my physical body but the questions start creeping in.

    I know I'm meant to let go of above thoughts but cannot find a way to do so.

    I've also noticed that when I do meditate I get similar feelings as to when I try out AP. When I meditate I don't look into trying out AP it just happens.

    Does anybody else have similar questions to mine above and if so what did you do to get past that logical/rational barrier?

    Sorry if the questions seem basic but would be nice to get some advice

    Love and light.
    S. xxx

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    Re: My attempt at AP

    Post  Violet on Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:37 pm

    Hi Sacred -Star, Would it help you to simply count in your mind or focus on your breathing, when those thoughts try to crowd in let them, but then simply let them go again and refocus on your breath/counting.

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