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    any advice



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    any advice

    Post  sprite on Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:38 am

    Hi everyone, Im new here and just wanted to ask some advice basically.
    Ive been into all things spiritual since I was a little boy, loved
    everything to do with the paranormal etc and this has only grown the
    older Ive got-Im now 27. I recently bought a book on wicca, and found
    it fascinating. Now Ive been brought up in a strict catholic home, my
    dad is extremely religious and would like me to be too but I just cant,
    and I have tried. I looked around my room the other day- my top shelf
    has become almost like a shrine,lol- I have a crystal wisdom kit, a
    pendulum kit, a crystal ball, a beautiful pack of tarot cards, a rose
    quartz pendulum and incense sticks. Ive also got this thing in a plant
    pot that looks like an upside down broom sticks (it lights up when u
    plug it in) and have a real love of cats since I was a child, I have my
    own gorgeous moggy Sheba,lol. Does it sound like a witchy thing going
    on here,lol? Im just very confused with what Im supposed to believe in
    I guess, but from what Ive got in my surroundings I dont think Im a
    good catholic boy as my dad wants me to be.

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    Re: any advice

    Post  Violet on Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:04 am

    Hi Sprite you sound like me, with all those things and the cat!
    Seriously though I think you should simply follow your own path, I wouldn't try to put any name to it as yet, especially with the issues in the other thread ongoing too, just simply be you, take the things down use them, investigate them, you may feel drawn to wicca now and something else next week, it can be very confusing.

    I'd research the things that you feel drawn to, explore them, if something doesn't make sense or feels uncomfortable disregard it, in time your path will become clearer, whether or not it has a title, but it will always be your path.

    Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

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    Re: any advice

    Post  Carolyn on Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:15 am

    Hi Angel. You sound like me. The items you have are great - you can meditate with them, grow with them, ultimately we're here to spiritually grow! Which is impossible to do if you are bound by the dogma of a religion. Just be yourself. Say to yourself that its ok to be your self and open up those wings and experience life, being guided by the power within you. I come from a very strict Christian upbringing too - on one side of my family. On the other I was being raised to be a psychic from as far back as I can remember, because everyone on Moms side is psychic, so imagine the confusion there. I was also 27 when I dove into Wicca. Did it devoutly for about 3 years. You may find as you go, your faith and walk with spirit evolves into something that has no name. The name isn't important, its the Walk - which is totally yours! But if your ready for Wicca, you need a good calendar with the ritual/celebration dates on it, with an explanation of each, candles of every color, hat pins, knife, essential oils, snuffer, bell, pentagram, dish for herbs, any herb you can think of because they all have purposes, a journal for yourself because you may want to turn it into a spell book or meditation journal. Tarot cards are a great tool for growing and strengthening the psychic mind. If you ever get guided to do so, so are runes. I like the Nordic runes, but any hieroglyphic is also a great learning tool. Blessings.
    Soaring Bird

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    Re: any advice

    Post  Soaring Bird on Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:56 am

    Greetings Sprite,
    I agree with Violet in the fact that you are now finding and following your own path. It may be best if you start browsing, not going in too deep but browsing into different Spiritual Belief Systems, Wiccan, Bhuddism, Paganism etc. There are so many, but as you pick up little pieces of information you'll know when and which following is right for you. You wont have any doubts you'll just know. It will feel right. This does not mean that you have to follow everything you read about your spiritual choosing, you may find you might want to use bits of Bhuddism with bits of Paganism or Wicca etc.
    Personally for me, reading wise, if I had to chose two books that helped me on my path it would be ; A Little Light On Ascension by Diana Cooper and Wicca by Vivianne Crowley. Both these books and a White Witch who was not Wiccan, she was\is ecelectic both set me on my path.
    You will probably find, regardless of whatever path you find but if you disover your Within, your spirituality, it will change your whole outlook on life, for the better I may add. At least it has for me and it is something I will always be eternally grateful for.
    Hope this helps.
    Soaring Bird

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    Re: any advice

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