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    People Coming Back


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    People Coming Back

    Post  Cassie on Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:23 am

    Has anyone ever had a dream where a person that is no longer in your life (not saying dead but not by you, like if someone moved.) comes back and you have a random dream of them?

    I occationally dreams where an old friend of mine comes into my dreams and we do random stuff. It mostly is in places where i have been like where i live now or in our old school from when we were younger in another state. Sometimes he would tell me things, like his number and i don't remember it when i wake up but i knew he gave me a number and he said it was his.

    Ok, getting off track here. When i miss him and want him to be in my dreams, he's not there and when i don't miss him and i'm not thinking about him, he would come to my dream. (which is not often because i'm in love with him and ALWAYS think about him and miss him.) The point is why do i dream about him when i least expect it and i don't think about dreaming of him?

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    Re: People Coming Back

    Post  shayn on Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:42 am

    i often dream about  some people from my past. and yes i have this special person i dream more about. so i do understand you and yes this is natural. especially if you have such strong emotions about him. but i'm sure this person is more to you than you admits - not just emotionally.

    here is something for you to think about: you say you have emotions to this person. but put these emotions a side. can you think what this person represent for you?  for example: he is very successful, something maybe that you like to be...so he will  not really stand for being your friend and lover in your dream but  as a successful person, something you try to become. so this is a bit of work for you  but if you come up with the things this person reminds you of or stand for, it will be easier for you to understand the meaning of this dreams.
    hope this helps.

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    Re: People Coming Back

    Post  Violet on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:50 pm

    I wonder if people like this sometimes appear in dreams for the most part to bring us a little comfort /happiness/hope, occasionally I think we get them in dreams to help us in some way, like there was something around that time when you knew them that you can apply to current situations, things in the past that can help you today, less occasionally I think it can be prophetic and indicate that someone from the past will re enter your life.

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    Re: People Coming Back

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