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    was saved by an angel once


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    was saved by an angel once

    Post  Carolyn on Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:09 pm

    Probably much more than once, but since I was thinking about it this morning, and I felt like it needed to be here.....?
    This happened back in 1986 when I was an EMT in the rescue squad. We had responded to a car accident on the interstate. This little old Datsun had somehow landed half perched against a large tree, very near a 30 foot drop off. I had already crawled into the car in the back seat and was helping my partner stabilize the 1st patient (there were 3) when I saw a 4th person in the front seat looking back at me. I remember him well, he was white skinned, had dark curly hair, and wore a striped t-shirt that was pretty common in the 1980's. All he did was look at me and telepathically say that the car was "unbalanced," it was going to fall, we had to all "get out now." I didn't know how to voice all that I had seen to my partner so I just shouted "Larry, we need to get out NOW, the car is gonna fall down the cliff!" He looked at me and somehow I knew that he knew. He started shouting orders to the helpers outside of the car saying "we're moving, lets go people" - and things started to move really fast. As soon as we got the last patient out the back tires which were supported by ropes and chock blocks, started to wobble. Larry started pulling me out and I hit the ground on my knees. A second later the car lost its balance, the chock blocks gave way and the car went down the drop off into a steep ravine. As the med-flight team got the patients stabilized and lifted off, I told Larry what I had seen. He just knodded, and said "sooner or later, if you're in this line of work long enough, every body sees one."

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    Re: was saved by an angel once

    Post  Violet on Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:57 am

    Thanks for sharing Carolyn, how did you feel afterwards, and was everyone ok? I love reading about things like that, you're obviously very well protected

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