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    A Crystal Ball


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    A Crystal Ball

    Post  Violet on Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:26 pm

    Find a suitable room and adjust the lighting to suit yourself, personally I can't cope if there are reflections in the ball so the room has to be quite dark for me.

    It's usually better to place the ball on or against a dark background.
    Take a couple of deep breaths (use the exercise in this section if you want to) and 'settle' yourself.
    Gaze softly into the ball, it is important not to stare as it will give you headache (a bad one.)
    Allow your eyes to move gently around the ball, you don't need to gaze in one spot also allow yourself to blink, then 'soft focus, slow motion' meaning try to create soft focus with your eyes and blink gently and slowly.

    Things you may see ~ A mist forming, clouds or an image.

    To 'see' into a crystal ball in my experience takes dedication and perseverance so don't give up it could take a while.
    I wouldn't recommend gazing for more than ten minutes in any one session as prolonged gazing can give you headache.
    If you haven't got a crystal ball a bowl of water can work just as well, as can a scrying mirror. More on those subjects later including instructions on how to make a scrying mirror.

    You can also gaze into actual crystals and standard mirrors.

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