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    Why Im Here ; Wicca\ personal Beliefs\ Ecclectic

    Soaring Bird

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    Why Im Here ; Wicca personal Beliefs Ecclectic

    Post  Soaring Bird on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:10 am

    I am here travelling the road to ascencion. Unfortunately I still have such a long long way to go. Which means Ill be back in physical presence many times before becoming spirit, and returning to the source.
    My Beliefs are;
    We live a life cycle as a physical form experiencing learning along the pathway. When we passover we return to spirit world where there is no such thing as time. Once there we "Review" our life cycle to see what we did learn what we did not learn and experience. What we did not learn or experioence is a possibility to be there in our next live. Having realised this we then select the experiences and learnings we need to gain from our next life from which we are reborn in physical sense.
    We may not remember our previous life(S) outright but deep within our soul there is still fragments of memory : reasons of Deja Vue, thinking you know someone from somewhere when you dont, etc.
    Also there is spirituality memories from previous lifes which is why when we do finally turn to spirituality, we open so easily to it and it really resonates with us when we begin to learn about it. Its because its already there. Its been there for many life cycles. It just needs someone or something to spark the memory of the soul. There is also memories of pastlives which some can retrace if they are lucky. Im sorry but I dont believe that everybody was somebody famous. I feel that majority of these cases are a crossover between subconsciouss and conciouss logic. They remember a past life but the logical side pulls a famous name from the human memory and gives them this idea. I have had past lives and none have been famous. There will be people out there who were famous but not as many as everyone is claiming. Sorry but thats my feelings on it.
    Anyway having picked our new life path full of learnings we then return to walk this path.This is why we walk in the shadow of ourselves. We picked this path so there is no point grumbling about it if it is hard, we chose it. Its part of the learning,experience. It is the next step to Ascencion. When we have learned all experiences and learnings and are no longer making the same stupid mistakes we reach Ascencion where we truly rejoin the Spiritual Energies of the Source.
    Rumour has it that a man named Jesus reached Assencion.
    Also a theory of mine is that for the amount of human bodies with spirit and soul to have lived on this planet since day one was to be counted. I find it too hard to believe that such a number would consisit of totally different forms of life without rebirth.
    Another possibility is that when anybody dies and are brought back to life they report having saw the bright light. Is it possible that as they died they went thro the review and were already in place for the new life. In other words were they travelling down the birth canal into the bright light that awaited them. Drs report that when babies are born all they can "see" is bright light. Does this also explain, that when the person is brought back to life as he is seeing the white light there is an act of soul retraction where he returns to his present body leaving behind a stillborn. I know the maths dont add up, I think but it has a "feel" to it for me.
    Theres a lot more in this to get the teeth into but thats a little of basically why I think Im here and the explanation behind it.

    Hugs x

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    Re: Why Im Here ; Wicca\ personal Beliefs\ Ecclectic

    Post  shayn on Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:11 pm

    this is interesting SB, with some of your points i agree, but for myself i'm not so sure about things as you are, i'm still looking for answers and i can't say i believe so or so.

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