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    Witchcraft Dictionary P

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    Projective Energy


    Follower of a nature-based religion. The term Neopagan means "new Pagan" and is not a popular term. It seems to be a direct result of the New Age lingo.


    A Collection or group of Gods and Goddesses in a particular religious or mythical structure. Examples are: Greek pantheon, Roman pantheon, Egyptian pantheon, Teutonic pantheon, etc.


    A circle surrounding a five-pointed, upright star (known as a pentagram). Worn as a symbol of a Witch's belief and used in magickal workings and ceremonies. Each point on the star has a specific meaning: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Pentacles are never worn inverted in the Craft. Witches consider this blasphemy of their faith. However, an inverted pentagram is used in some second-degree initiations, not to indicate evil, but to fulfil a function of growth.


    A female dedicated to both the service of her chosen deity(ies) and humankind. a High Priestess is the feminine leader of a coven or Wiccan organisation and plays the role of Goddess in certain ceremonies. A solitary Witch can be a Priestess by dedicating herself to a particular God or Goddess.


    A male dedicated to both the service of his chosen deity (ies) and humankind. a High Priest is the male leader of a coven or Wiccan organisation and plays the role of the God in certain ceremonies.

    (NOTE) Neither male nor female has dominion over the other in the Craft. The High Priest and High Priestess in a coven environment should work as a balanced team. On occasion they draw the energy of the God and Goddess respective to their sex in order to further a positive magickal working or celebrate a holiday/ These people must be skilled in magick and ceremony, but they also need maturity, wisdom and a great deal of humility. They are required to be diplomatic and merciful when the situation demands. Their job is not an easy one. You will hear reference to the Great Rite, wherein the High Priest and High

    Priestess magickally draw the energy of the God and Goddess through sexual interaction, either simulated or real. However, if intercourse actually takes place, it is almost always done in privacy, out of sight of the other coven members. In the 1970s sexual intercourse among coven members was prominent in some traditions. In the 1990s with the threat of the AIDS virus and society's shift to more conservative views on sexuality, actual intercourse is not as widely practised. Sex magick is NOT a requirement for any individual to practice Witchcraft.


    That, which is electrical, forward moving, active. Projective energy is protective.

    See also Receptive Energy.

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