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    Things happening in our house

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    Things happening in our house

    Post  Misty on Thu Nov 01, 2018 3:22 pm

    In our old house we where watching tv in the living room and it felt like we where being watched the room was freezing cold and the dog was looking towards the doorway he got up and went out of the room tail wagging as though he'd been called. Another time we had just gone to bed and settling down the dog usually slept in the room with us but this night he wouldn't settle so we put him on the landing and closed the door we got into bed and then the atmosphere changed you could feel that something was going to happen the room went cold the dog made a noise on the landing and you could hear his tail thumping the floor like they do when they have a waggy tail when they get a fuss not long after there where three knocks on the bedroom door and the door handle moved we never opened it.We turned the lights out and settled down after a few minutes it felt like someone was looking over me then senced them move around to the other side of the bed and poked my husband in the back. Another time I thought my husband was messing with my feet trying to wake me till I looked and he wasn't there.

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