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    Post  aspen patchouli on Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:19 pm

    Hello all,
    I just joined, and I thought I would share my spiritual journey with you...recently anyway.  My most recent journey began in October, 2016.  I was traveling with my father out to Las Vegas to meet up with my older brother.  We were going to have a "guys trip".  About half way there, my depression started flaring up, and if I remember correctly my epilepsy flared up also, but I digress.  I had always loved Las Vegas before, but something about this trip was off.  I spent most of the trip up in my room, I was teary-eyed a lot of the time.  I just felt miserable in general while we were there.  I am the type of man who doesn't like to take extra medicines if he can keep from it, but near the end of the week, my dad finally gave me one of his xanax as a last resort.  It performed a miracle.  When we left Vegas the vacation started.  We took the long route home and thoroughly enjoyed this part of the trip.  I did still have epilepsy however.  Fast forward to December of 2017, a friend of mine suggested that I take a look at a hemp oil supplement.  Traditional medicines had never worked, so I figured why not.  It has been roughly 8 months since I have had any flare ups, I have just had my best ever EEG, and I feel like I am moving forward for the first time in my life.  I believe that is why I have gotten so interested in meditation, yoga, and other spiritual related things.  I finally feel my connection to the universe restored.


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    good news indeed

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