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    Post  niltwill on Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:45 pm

    Hmm, it's been a while since I've written an online message and participated on forums, but let me try. I should introduce what brought me to spiritualism or spiritual topics, right?

    I had a bit of an exposure towards what people could call "paranormal", though nowadays it's mostly dormant and I rarely catch a sign or two. You might not believe me, even if I tried to explain, but...Good thing I wrote down most of this stuff. It may sound boring and long-winded to you, but these have been life-changing moments to me.

    Let me recap:

    Spiritual experiences:

    1. One spirit touched my arm one night when he thought I was asleep (cold sensation), and another whispered something into my ear one night as well (non-friendly voice). Don't ask me what, I was a child and don't remember those periods of my past life. I also seen a larger family picture in a dream, likely resembling the spiritual world's relatives or so, as a child.

    2. One afternoon I had realized I was being observed by God or some higher spirits for some reason back in a day, in the room, and ever since then that feeling was always there, subtly, of always being observed. I realized this when I was attending a course in the capital of my country...that makes it...a few years at least.

    3. Now at home, one day (don't remember which one), I had spotted God's or a "high spirit's" "somewhat circular" bright light that is hard to describe around the ceiling below the chandelier in the dark bedroom. God's methods and ways are ... unfathomable. I tend to leave it at that. These events are definitely not haphazard.

    4. In a dream-like state, once there was only total darkness or a void. Then came the circling light (similar to what I've seen in the room before), which you can associate with God or higher spirits. Then I did not realize myself actually, as if I had no body ... I had no idea, all I saw was many hands -- the fuzzy feeling of being embraced with disembodied large hands' fingers closing on towards you ... If only the 'pain' would not have been so suffocating... It seemed like I could not take an 'otherworldly' touch for longer than a few seconds before the pain in the spinal resulting in a wake-up. Felt warm afterwards for a while.

    Now for those who interested...The gentle pain that woke me up originated in the spine, of course ...because it's the base-of-the-spine chakra (base chakra), which is the root chakra and the focus of the white ray (the mother light and sacred fire), also called the Kundalini. It is the chakra whose main aspect is innocence. This is a signal of a process of purification, that's what I thought - that they were doing some sort of purification
    to me, maybe. This is what I call the 'healing touch' or perhaps something that has a certain beneficial effect on you, but I would not know what's it all about as a mortal. Whatever appeared before me in that dream may have been very distorted from the actual reality.

    5. Had another special dream someday, in a forest where I saw some higher beings and may have had some chat. I don't remember anything.

    6. A dream where I was told "this is where I died". Referencing to a forest, probably, I think. My vision was not quite right. Perhaps related to the previous one? Hmm...

    7. I had a sensation after waking up one day of how hard and gross returning to the material body was like. Most likely the soul was quite away(?) and had qualm about having to return to the body, haha. It was an unusual sensation, does not happen every day. It was like "not the body's prison again", haha. A heavy feeling weighing you down..

    8. The most terrifying experience ever (for me): also experienced a personal visit from a Grim Reaper-like being. You don't wanna know about that guy. Nothing compares to that fear and scare of 'pure death and horror'. Yeah..There was this one day of horror that is hard to forget: When I saw a dark, malicious 'spirit' in front of me after waking up, I found myself chanting strange words aloud in a strange tongue, one that I could not understand or acclaim as anything human.

    This was likely to banish the spirit from trying to 'hurt' or 'possess' me. Whether it was by a guardian angel or inspiration from a higher mysterious source as God remains unknown to me. That 'spirit' in front of me was very dark and incomprehensible...it was, perhaps, pure darkness manifesting itself in a form visible to the naked human eye too. You can liken its appearance to that of the Grim Reaper, but much worse and terrific. Like that of a Nazghul or a necromancer..I did not see legs though. I 'worked automatically' in that situation without control, before you ask, including the chanting voice.

    The closest I can point you to how that 'language' sounds like of what I've experienced...is to listen to Gandalf and Saruman's chanting in LOTR.

    That's a bit similar to my ears compared to that moment, though the pitch was much more darker or sinister than that and extremely loud -
    but I think only I could hear it. It was definitely not one of this world's human languages.

    9. My first friendly spirit sighting (yeah, this actually happened) ... and my second tangible experience of seeing a spirit (besides that Nazghul sinister being, the first) was around the end of June (2017). One night, when looking at the right side of the bed, that was a rough night with me waking up quite a few times - it was very transparent! It was extremely transparent and I only saw a vague outline..It only took a moment or two while I saw that spirit. NOW, its face was exactly like Uchiha Itachi's! A fictional character from the Naruto manga (that I read and watched as anime)...

    How come this spirit knew better than me, and chose exactly Itachi from so many fictional characters I'm accustomed with! Is it to show that my .... connection/relation is the highest with Itachi? The spirit let me know of its presence by turning visible to human eyes, letting me observe for a moment - and moved along or so. I can't say more. Does this mean fictional characters actually exist 'somewhere', haha? Else, how can the author conceive them? Looked white-ish, ethereal, transparent appearance, very refined and graceful. Mostly it was that white-ish transparent, and it literally evaporated after a second or so, it started to vibrate on a whole different level, so fast, you know, that human eyes can no longer perceive such immense speed ... well, I guess.

    One thing I considered as well that they may be disguised as something other than their true selves because they do not want to frighten you.
    (I.e. they may take on appearances from biological creatures or features that are familiar to our world to make us relate, rather than theirs that we may not even manage to conceive or register in our mind. I think the same about extraterrestrial creatures, i.e. non-human races out there.)

    10. Most recent one that is also the most interesting so far. Beware, it's a longer rant I wrote back then:

    Weirdest experience:
    Sometime at daybreak (August 15, 2017), it started...firstly, I felt a strange buzz - went from quieter to louder in my head. What to compare this to? I do not know. With my bad English, imagine "zzzzzzzzz", "pssssssh" - some sort of electric charge of vibration. This was around my head, or at least, that is what I heard first. I felt my mind going numb for a moment or so - or maybe not. That's when I intuitively felt I was being observed, examined, analyzed...next thing I remember is my body getting a bit of a shock - imagine some sort of cramp or spasm, buzz or tingle, so part of my body felt warmer and number, sort of spasm-like. I'm not sure if I could have moved.

    I have no idea what that was. Right...so with this, I guessed at this time that an entity came inside me the moment I heard that 'vibrating noise' around my head and now that entity was doing something inside of me (perhaps the soul)...Nevertheless, I did not think too much about it and tried to fall asleep. Then more weird stuff happened.

    Perhaps the state of sleeping is when we return to the metaphysical temporarily, so scenes started to rapidly change one after another, but I only remember the last one: a crumbling city's background image before waking up with a bit of fear. Weirdest of it all, that it was a fictional city from a video game. How can a fictional city feel so real? Surreal! Anyway, I also remember that before this third one, I sort of semi woke up two times, and then my body also had that spasm or buzz throughout, both times when waking up. The third time was the last (when I woke up after the fictional city crumbling's picture), and then this spasm or buzz was even stronger, though I tried to smile to let the entity know it's all right, and then even my left leg started to feel that strange buzz or spasm (before it was sort of randomly covering the body, mostly numbing the arms).

    I felt a little afraid, to my shame, because I'm not used to this experience. It was my first. I was afraid of this body spasm or buzz reoccurring by trying to sleep again, since it wasn't the most comfortable experience in the world. It's like tiny electric needles tingling around, and your body feels number and warmer at the affected areas. Perhaps by not avoiding sleeping, I would have obstructed that entity's work or examination, had I went into sleep. So I had little sleep that night. I knew when the entity left, (it took a few hours, I don't know?) because I heard that similar, strange buzz around my head. Worthy of mention that during this 'test', I also teared up two times uncontrollably and felt spikes of love in my heart.

    Also, during this experience, if I listened carefully, then for a while I could hear some really strange noise ongoing with my ears - a sort of continous, quiet buzzing...static noise maybe, the closest I can get to describe is to try to imagine the noise of some speakers when they are turned on but the computer isn't, or a TV's static noise - but a bit different. I can only guess that this is related to the vibrating of that particular being or that some energy waves are coming and going, from me to the being, and from the being to me?

    Interesting fact: this happened on a Tuesday, let's not forget that my birthday was also a Tuesday.

    Now, after my experience, there's the following question: can they come into our mind or body, and simply 'read' everything about our past, characteristics, traits, etc.? Likely so, right? Psychics can come and go inside others' minds, right, so why couldn't they, the more evolved beings, come, discover and analyze me? This being does not have to be around me. The source can be very far far away, and this energy wave or something like that just happened to come and find me. Not like this cannot travel infinite distances, right? If the sound wave is limited in scope, then why should this be?

    Also worthy to note that sometimes I had this strange spasm in my arm or hand or leg sometimes too, during the day at home - perhaps they were not just a simple spasm? I also felt some tingling of love at random times in my heart. So yeah, some entity is definitely 'lurking' around me, even if I can't detect it...I have a revelation sometimes in certain situations or events when I feel that higher entities were involved in it, but I do not talk about that to anyone. I also felt God being ahead of me sooo much, that I'm like a slowpoke. I have these sort of experiences spontaneously.

    I'm not sure of the conclusion...whether I've been 'marked' as 'having potential', so-to-speak, or simply examined/analyzed, perhaps ... something 'vital' or some information has been extracted from me to a different world, which was the whole point of this, but I have no idea and no clue. Perhaps it was a probe only, nothing much.

    That weakening spasm is not something you want to experience though. It's both pleasant (the warmth of it is strangely soothing and
    relaxing) and unpleasant (feels like you're confined and numb in those affected parts). A foreign being mucking around inside you ... that is not something the human body was designed to handle (I would say the same to a much purer variation of the Light, that insta-melts or evaporates it, according to my dream), so their electric sparks or metaphysical particles have to be careful inside there. This was tangible, palpable, as real as it can get.

    My most recent experience was while praying, I could hear an otherworldy voice from 'above' for a fraction of a moment, but could not make it out what it was about. I got blocked probably, not meant to hear it here. Another thing was when I was in a serious spiritual meeting or assembly and heard something like "XYZ arrived...", perhaps so that it could begin, and I woke up then from the 'dream'. So, have I missed out on it?

    So all this led me to study the spiritual things in order to understand more about these strange occurences. I highly respect mediums who can converse or interact with spirits. My connection to the spiritual world is very limited and haphazard, and I have no control of anything regarding the spirit or any spiritual stuff. It just happens on its own. That's about it. Thank you for your time and reading, if you did.
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