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    It is said that around 5000 years ago , siddha boghar made the navpashaan to bring the eternity and powerful medicine for the sake of mankind to make them free from diseases. He wants to give a powerful medicine so that they can be free from all physical ailments. So he created a siddha gutika called navpashaan made from 9 different stones and generates a high power navpashaan statue in which when rituals like bathing with water or milk etc done and that is drink , whole transformation has taken place.
    So it is very fortunate to make any idol of navpashaan stone to get the complete blessing . it controls the nine planets and remove malicious planetary effects on human system.
    Navapashanam is the most rare and astonishing life giving elixir in the world. It is called the fountain of youth. It has power to removal all ailments and disease from the body. It removes all the physical and spiritual blockage by transformation and gives you cosmic soul and refresh the system. It gives highly positive energy which transform the whole body.
    Navpashaan excites the all chakra and induce activation in kundalini power. This actuates the complete purification of whole body by removing toxing and purification.It induce upmost beauty and youth of the wearer. It balances the five elements in the body.
    It is said that when the milk, panchamritham or sandalwood paste touches a statue or Talisman made of Navapashanam it becomes an energized herbal medicine. It is known to awaken an individual’s understanding of and connection to high cosmic life force energy. The awakened self then transforms through balancing the dis-eases known to man.
    Navapashanam is a gift to us . It was said that it comes from siddha bhogar and also it was mention in goraksh sanhita . so various text describes this great product and its importance. It transforms the internal chemistry of body and revitalize the whole body.It makes the body in perfect state of health.
    It is called the fountain of youth and makes the body eternal. Navpashaan means 9 stones and these are the elements which after proper purification and processing combines with specially prepared mercury to form navpashaan. For spiritual path, this bead transform the physical body into a realized body of pure and high level consciousness. It sustains the body with limited intake of food and gives the divinity inside. Person would be free of diseases and increase vitality , longevity , happiness and health. It can be wear in body and it transform the body into a healthy and youthful wisdom.

    It is said the it can be dipped in water , oil , milk or honey and drinking it transforms the whole body. And the said liquid will become high level medicine which removes all diseases. The awakening removes all disorder and completely transforms the whole body.

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