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    twin flame

    Post  dianak98 on Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:52 pm

    this is the first time i write in a forum. im 19 years old and i live in greece. in summer of 2012 i went in a village for vacations. i met a boy who lives in canada. when i first saw him i had my first clairaudience experience. i heard that this boy is going to mark me. he had something that i even now can't explain. i felt i was breathing from  his breath it was awkward, this guy didn't know my existance!!! 5 days past and i left this place. he went back in canada. after a month i saw a dream: he was at the village recovering from a surgery. and in another dream where he hugged me and i felt this hug like it was real! next summer (2013) came and i was waiting the day i would go to kalamata for 10 days this time. i had my second experience of clairaudience while i was lying in my bed calm with blank mind when suddenly i heard a voice "with this person you have a history". that summer we introduced each other. i heard that he was recovering from a surgery i was surprised. then i noticed that we have some kind of telepathy. we thought the same things for example we were playing cards, and we wanted to take the same cards at the same moment from the table. my brother had a card deck and somehow he had this boy and i had a card of this card deck(7  rhombus). i found him to ask for my brother's card deck and that moment i look him in the eyes and felt comfortable and uncorfortable at the same time. i saw something very strange, not bad, but i cannot explain it. some other time we look each other to say hello and he looked immediately in the ground i felt embaressed. when i came back i send him some messeges he was warm. nothing more. i didnt expect something more. that year (2013) i saw 2 dream: 
    1) he hugged me and he was so real the sense
    2)i was 19 i had a relationship 2 years with a man that i was loving and i went in the village with him and saw that boy. he saw me too. in the dream i was loving this man very much but there was something between me and that boy.
    now i am 19 i have a relationship 2 years with a man that i love very much. i havent seen this boy since 2013. lately i think of this boy very much UNINTENTIONALLY. i feel guilty because of it. i cannot explain why this guy appears in my dreams when i begin to forget him?.i am not in love with him. he shocked my inner self somehow without doing NOTHING. what is he? why i felt like that? if he was my soulmate or twin flame, he had felt the same but i didnt see something like that. why i felt a connection with this guy and anyone else?

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