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    Hello ALL

    Post  jimrich on Sat May 20, 2017 8:55 pm

    Hi Gang:
    I am here due to some questions regarding my late wife and a few other family members who are now living in the Afterlife.
    I have long studied Non-duality, Oneness and the Absolute so I am trying to figure out exactly how a person remains as a person once out of our body.  If there is only one consciousness, being, life, me, this or whatever beingness is called, how does my late wife and some others continue on as individuals and not the Absolute or No-thingness spoken of in non-dual (Oneness) teachings?  I am OK with my late wife still being an individual but confused about how the One continues to be many apparently separate individuals both in the earth plane and the Afterlife plane.  I hope this is not too "mystical" or abstract for this forum.  I have asked these questions of some "non-dualists" and they usually say that there is no such thing as an Afterlife or that individuality DIES with the body!  My direct experience is that several individuals from my own life are still alive and well and are the very same individual that they were in the physical plane so I am wondering how "gifted" folks see this matter of Unity vs. Separation or Individuality in practacl terms.   BTW, it's wonderful to have a continuing relationship with my late wife since she comes to visit me quite often - especially in my dreams.

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    Re: Hello ALL

    Post  Blueanchor on Sat May 20, 2017 11:08 pm

    Much learning of oneness comes from reading books... meaning it is learnt by the intellect before attaching experience to that. Always go with personal experience, alongside the patience to wait for learning to come and openess to try out many possibles before it does. 

    Oneness is the paradoxical everything that in its knowing becomes nothing and unknown. every thought, every memory and, every belief are parts of oneness. Every possibility imaginable are parts of oneness. If you have direct experience then that is yours to enjoy... if it contradicts what you previously learnt about oneness or non-duality, then accept the flawsin that and move on with the learning you take from your new experiences.

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    Re: Hello ALL

    Post  ameliorate on Sat May 20, 2017 11:33 pm

    Hi jimrich and :welcome: :si:

    I hesitated to reply here since my experience is different from yours and I don't want to impact negatively on your own findings.

    You ask how a person remains as a person once out of the body.  I don't know how familiar you are with spirituality but it is common knowledge that our ID/the character/person we are is our ego and not our true essence...this being our soul/spirit.

    My mother passed away last November (complications from dementia).  It has been a source of disappointment to me that, although I am quite psychic (having heightened awareness and developed intuition), I have not once felt her around me at all.  I am a realist i.e. am keen not to be deluded and don't want to fabricate anything but want to see things as they really are.  I have heard that someone's spirit is in the vicinity for about 2 weeks after their death but is then likely to move on.

    Now, it may well be that since her character/ego dissipated over the years leading up to her death, that this may well be a crucial factor in my not sensing her vibe/energy after death....yet I feel I would recognise her essence.

    Blueanchor makes a good point (in her post above) i.e. to separate what you have learnt from your direct experiences - the latter being a better yardstick for establishing the truth.

    There are many here that are interested in spiritualism (i.e. that focuses on life after death) and can more readily offer their experiences/feedback to you on this.

    You may find it beneficial to enquire further in this section


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    Re: Hello ALL

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