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    History of Wicca

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    History of Wicca

    Post  Soaring Bird on Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:52 am

    Spirit Online: Wicca & Magick: Beginning Wicca:History

    of Wicca

    The history as documented by Kevin Baker.

    The history of Wicca is under much debate in the Wiccan

    community. Some people say that it dates back to as

    early as the stone age. Others say that it's origins are

    much more recent. The problem with the history of

    Wicca is that there has been much perse cution

    throughout the years, making it very hard to keep

    accurate records. The more recent history can be

    confirmed, but the problem lies in the ancient history.

    Archaeologist have found drawings in caves from the

    stone age that would suggest that Wicca, or witchcraft,

    dates back that far, but it's hard to be certain. In the

    earliest age of man writing was nonexistent and the

    drawings found are hard to interpret. It's believed that

    even in the stone age there was some concept of a higher

    being and there were various forms of worship. Some

    scholars say that the drawings found were the beginnings

    of what is know as Wicca today. Others feel that the

    connection is too weak to make a judgment like that.

    Evidence has been found to support that there was some

    form of Wicca in early C.E.

    Artifacts have been found from the first few centuries

    that suggest there were witches back then. Some of

    these things include decorated knives, mixing bowls and

    jewelry. The Christian church was also more tolerant of

    witchcraft in early C.E.. People who were found to be

    practitioners only had to repent with no real threat of

    harm. Then in the late 13th century the view of magic

    began to change.

    The belief that magic was a form of evil that came from

    the devil himself grew in the late 13th century. People

    who practiced witchcraft were viewed as being bonded

    with Satan and evil. This began what most Wiccans refer

    to as "The Burning Times" . The In quisition was founded

    and many witches were put to death. The numbers vary

    depending on what source they come from, but the lowest

    estimates are well into the thousands. The witch-hunts

    ended by the 18th century, the last outbreak being the

    Salem witch tr ials. In Salem, Massachusetts twenty

    people, supposedly witches, were put to death after an

    outbreak of hysteria cause by several young girls we said

    they were bewitched.

    Wicca had a low following in the time that followed, up

    until the mid 20th century. In the mid 20th century

    there was a rebirth of witchcraft, referred to today as

    the Neo-Pagan movement. Several writers drew great

    attention to Wicca and its beliefs. The most famous of

    these writers was Gerald Gardner who wrote

    "Witchcraft Today" in 1954 and began to revitalize the

    Wiccan movement. Today Wicca thrives and has a large


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