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    My story is confusing...could someone give me a reading please?


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    My story is confusing...could someone give me a reading please?

    Post  violet123 on Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:59 am

    Hello:) I am a bit confused right now? It was in 2013...i made a post on this forum and it relates to my life now! anyways before i talk about it here is my old post so you have an idea of what i'll be talking about.

    I don't understand what is happening to me but i have this unusual strange feeling inside of me and it just won't go away
    Three years ago i had to go fill out some papers for a job thing and there was a security guard working there that day.I was sitting on a chair in the waiting room
    and all of a sudden i looked at him and he kept staring at me and looked into my eyes like he knew me or something like he was in love.I felt like i was being watched and well it was strange since usually when someone stares at you they look away when you realize they are staring but he just kept on looking at me.I felt a bit uncomfortable even thought he kind of took my breath away since he looked so perfect to my eyes.
    I had forgotten all about it and just never thought about him since he was just a strange security guard.i woke up the other day and ever since then i can't stop thinking about him.he is constantly on my mind.i feel like this is the man i am going to marry someday or something like he is my soulmate.I don't understand how can i all of a sudden wake up one day and feel like i am in love with a stranger?

    Ok....so not so long after this post in 2013 i went to apply for welfare which is the same place the security guard was.I did not see the security guard cause he no longer works there.I had to go talk to a welfare agent
    cause i had no other choice but my welfare was refuse a week later.

    So now! 3 years later again in 2016...I am on welfare but for real this time until i get a job.I went on this dating site 2 weeks ago and started chatting with a Man. He ended up to be my welfare agent from 3 years ago.We continued chatting and he gave me his phone number and now we text! I really like him but he has not text me back in 4 days but anyways...I think it was a sign with the security guard which lead me back there to meet the agent which now i am talking to him.he told me he was interested in knowing me but he never text me back so i'm confuse about what will be happening with him!

    I know my story is odd but if u can help me here is my question? My name is Veronique and i'm 26 and I'd like to know what you feel will happen with this man? His name is Lee and his 33

    thank you:)

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