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    What Is Wicca?

    Soaring Bird

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    What Is Wicca?

    Post  Soaring Bird on Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:41 am

    Book of Deities

    Spirit Online: Wicca & Magick: Beginning Wicca:What is


    Wicca is an earth religion based on ancient (even

    prehistoric) paganism. Wicca itself is relatively new, a

    reconstruction loosely based on old religion and early

    witchcraft. Its roots are hard to trace because of

    persecution, which caused people and records to be

    hidden or destroyed.

    Most Wiccans worship the Goddess and the God. They

    have thousands of names given to their many aspects by

    various cultures. 2 Each name given to the Goddess and

    God in old mythology represents a different facet of the

    Goddess and the God's personality. Today, we invoke

    them by the name that is most appropriate for the


    Wicca is based on the concept of natural and essential

    equilibrium. All things have spiritual "life"- people,

    animals, plants, and even stones. Everything is part of a

    delicate balance of light and dark, day and night, good

    and evil, male and female. Even the Goddess and the God

    are both creators and destroyers. They give life, nurture

    it, and eventually take it away. This cycle is seen in the

    seasons and in the cycle of the moon, and is often

    symbolized by the Triple Goddess- Maiden, Mother, and

    Crone. The mother creates, the maiden develops, and the

    crone eventually fades away. We see this each month when the moon is a sliver, then grows to be full, and then

    becomes a sliver and fades away, before beginning again.

    Because of this, the emblem of the triple goddess is a

    full moon with a crescent on each side.

    We do not believe that Wicca is the only valid religion,

    nor do we try to convert people to Wicca. It is an open-minded

    path and there are many traditions, which offer

    different rules and ways to follow the religion. But many

    of us are "eclectic", and choose what elements of

    paganism we wish to incorporate in our practices as a

    Wiccan. One might choose to include things they learned

    from studying Buddhism, Asatru, Santeria, Baha'i, etc.

    into their tradition, if they are eclectic.

    Learn to listen to yourself, as well... you already know a lot

    about Wicca, you just don't realize it. Once you begin

    down the path, you will recognize many of the landmarks

    along the way. You are more familiar with the God and

    Goddess than you might think.

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