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    Lakeshore mediation


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    Lakeshore mediation

    Post  AmarenLux on Wed Jan 27, 2016 10:48 am


    These mediations are really good for healing, grounding, cleansing and letting new energies into yourself. 

    Imagine yourself at a lake shore, as you look around taking in the sights you notice how beautiful the lake looks, how the water sparks in the sunlight, you notice how the surrounding trees have such a lovely green to them, its peaceful here, being here in this space feels so calming and loving, you step your feet into the water just enough to cover your feet, the gentle waves brush gently over your feet you close your eyes as you relax here, you feel the wind brush up against your arms n face its calming n peaceful, you being to imagine all your worries n troubles going into the water just leaving you, its a feeling of letting go n being free, you begin to feel warmer like a new calming and loving energy entering you and it builds, it helps to clean to let go of any remaining worries n troubles. You open your eyes and you find yourself still within this loving feeling and energy, feeling free :). 

    If you like you can repeat this add to it change it around, change the setting even whether it be to a river or grass land etc. 

    You could even if you like imagine yourself seeing and meeting your Guides here too its entirely up to you.

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