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    Meeting your guides


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    Meeting your guides

    Post  AmarenLux on Wed Jan 27, 2016 10:32 am


    Imagine yourself in a pure white room, the energy of the room is so pure n loving and you yourself begin to feel incredibly warm and loved, you then begin to see a figure, slowly this figure comes into focus you see and feel the being is very loving and warm towards you, you then begin to realise that you are meeting your Guardian Angel, Guides for the first time. You then begin to hear your Guardian Angel's voice it is very soft, gentle and loving a warmness comes off the words, they are clear and you can hear your Guardian Angel very clearly, you begin to reply a conversation soon follows. :) 

    Whenever you want to talk to your Guardian Angel take yourself to this room and you will find yourself with your Guardian Angel and your Guides.

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