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    My experiences with astral projection

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    My experiences with astral projection

    Post  OxytocinKat on Sat Jan 16, 2016 8:08 pm

    Hi everyone.

    I would like to share my experience with what I believe to be astral projection, as I'd love to hear the opinions of some more knowledgeable people. Might turn into quite a long story, as I don't want to miss any details, I apologize in advance :)

    I believe my first experience with astral projection started in my preteen years. Astral projection is and has always been involuntary for me, and happened/happens when I try to sleep at night or when napping during daytime. In the beginning I had difficulty breathing when crossing over/ascending/whatever you call it, but in time, as I learned not to be afraid, the passing eased. I clearly remember the first time, the fear I felt when I thought I was going to smash against the ceiling. Instead I flew right through it. I was never in control of my movement, but have felt/feel as if I was dragged by a string attached to the top of my head. The first times, I was simply being dragged out through the roof of my house, and up above and around the neighborhood I lived in, just looking down. Nothing special in the sense of meeting anything or anyone, just looking down at my neighborhood. I don't remember when it changed, nor do I know why. Perhaps because I started smoking cannabis? Or other kinds of blockages? But eventually my vision disappeared, I still feel myself going, the vibrations and the sensation of leaving my body, but all I see now is blackness. I feel myself getting dragged around in all directions, it's going way too fast and it's very uncomfortable. Back in the day, I was afraid because I didn't understand what was happening. Today I'm afraid because I've learned (some) about the fourth dimension and the entities that inhabit it. I know fear is only making things worse, and I do experience some kind of sensation of going “higher” when I try my best to surrender instead of fighting it, and focus on positive vibes. I certainly believe that my cannabis use has a negative effect on everything, as I experience way less or none astral projection in the periods where I smoke heavily and on a daily basis. When I don't smoke, it happens almost every night. I would like to point out that I'm very sure it's never been lucid dreams, as the only times I've managed to achieve those, are when I have had nightmares, and when that has happened I've always turned it into something sexual for some reason.

    Speaking of sexual, I would also like to add an experience I had at the age of 15. At the time I was on a school trip to Berlin, staying in a hotel room with 5 girls I didn't know (new school). I was a virgin at the time. One night, I believe something had sex with me. I might have “invited” it myself by imagining things. I don't remember if I felt myself passing over or anything, but I felt the sensations of having sex, felt myself getting moved around, being penetrated etc. When I “woke up” I was sure I was laying on the floor, but I hadn't moved at all. The next day, the girls I had been sharing the room with, told me I had been moaning all night (embarrassing, haha). Something had sex with me - why and what/who could it have been? I didn't see anyone/thing, I just felt things and as always, I had no control. I have a hard time figuring out if I had given my consent by imagining things first, or if I was sort of raped. However I enjoyed the experience.

    Lately as I've been reading “The astral body and other astral phenomena” by Arthur E. Powell, I've learned a lot more about the fourth dimension. Motivated by a strong desire to visit one who I believe to be my twin flame, one the other side of the planet, I've been wanting to learn to control what's going on. Therefor I've stopped eating meat, drinking alcohol, caffeine and also quit the cannabis, as the book claims those things harm your connection. I still haven't gotten my vision back, but a few times since I've made these changes, I've felt the sensation of being near other entities. For instance, one night I felt like someone was running around frantically in my bedroom, full of negative emotions, and I myself felt very fearful. Low vibrations. But otherwise, I sense no progress. Oh, and also, lately when I return to my body after the projections, I feel a strange sensation at the top of my head, where the string is attached, for a little while, I guess for a few seconds or something. I have no idea how to describe the feeling correctly, it's not uncomfortable or anything, just feels weird, like something is pouring over and into me.

    I don't understand why I lost my vision. If it's caused by energetic blockages, then I don't understand why I ever had the vision in the first place, as I probably had blockages since way back (trauma).

    I guess what I'm asking from you guys, is just relevant comments and if you could answer any question you sense or see in the text. If you could give me advice on how to regain my vision and gain control of my movement and so on. I've discussed it a bit with a few people I've met online, one said he'd visit me astrally and help clear my chakras to help, but I don't know if anything happened. It didn't change anything for me.

    I thank you in advance for any comments you may post, I appreciate you taking the time to read everything! Peace and love :daisy:


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    Re: My experiences with astral projection

    Post  mac on Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:09 pm

    I expect you'll have read extensively but this website:  Astral Woman  may still be of some interest.

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